How To Hard Reset your iPhone?

Apple Devices has come up with exciting new features and with each generation taking technology to other levels of desire.  Apple always tries to fix any issue regarding its devices through regular updates and Apple support Service. But still being an electronic device these are dependable and subject to software and hardware issues. Software issues sometimes can be fixed through regular updates and other manual settings yourself. This article will help you with resetting your iPhone in different ways and how hard reset helps you in fixing any of your software issues.

How To Reset your iPhone

Soft Reset of iPhone

Whenever you encounter any problem with your electronic device first thing you do is turn it Off and On again. In simple words, you always restart your device to check if everything is OK. So Soft Reset of iPhone is just like that. You switch off your iPhone and switch it On. Moreover, you do not need to backup your device data as being the most basic way of resetting your iPhone it never affects your device data.

How To Do a Soft Reset

For iPhone 8 or Later:

  • Press and hold the Lock Button and at the same time press Volume Up or Volume Down key. Prefer using Volume Down key because with Volume Up key sometimes you end up taking a screenshot.
  • Slide to power off” will appear on the screen. To switch off your iPhone, slide icon with your finger from left to right
  • To Restart, long-press the lock button until Apple Logo appears on the screen

For iPhone 7 or Older:

  • Press and hold the Lock button located either on the top or right side of your iPhone until “Slide to power off” appears on the screen
  • Slide and switch off the phone.
  • Restart by long-pressing the Lock button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Hard Reset of iPhone

Hard Reset is generally done if your phone freezes and you need to refresh memory where apps are running. It gives a fresh restart to your phone by clearing up some memory space without affecting your phone data. So just like in soft reset, you don’t need to back up the data and it is considered to be a better option than Soft Reset.

How To Do a Hard Reset

For iPhone 8 or Later:

  • Press and hold either the Volume UP button or Volume Down Button
  • Simultaneously, Press and Hold Lock Button. Slider with “Slide to power off” will pop up.
  • Slide it from left to right and reset your phone

For the Older version:

  • Press and hold the lock button followed by the Home button at the same time.
  • Slide to power off” will appear. Don’t release them until Apple logo appears on the screen
  • Release the buttons and Reset is done

Factory Reset of iPhone

This method is used in case none of the above methods work to resolve software related issues you have been facing. Factory reset involves clearing up all your mobile contents and settings so make sure you first back up your data safely with iCloud or iTunes else you will end up losing all the important content.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone. Open General. 
  • Scroll down to Reset and Tap “Erase all Contents and Settings
  • Confirm and All the settings and data will be erased and iPhone will set back to the factory state.
  • Once the welcome screen appears, Restore data using iCloud/iTunes

DFU Restore mode

Well, this option is not recommended but yes it is also one of the options to reset your iPhone. Putting iPhone in DFU mode makes your device vulnerable to unauthorized access and also ends up the warranty period of your Phone. This is also used if you want to downgrade the iOS version on your iPhone.

  • Connect the iPhone with the computer using a USB cable.
  • Press and release the Volume Up button. Now Repeat the same with the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the lock button until the black screen appears.
  • Now Press and hold both Volume Down button and Lock button for 5 Seconds
  • Release the Lock Button and keep holding volume key until the message “iTunes has detected iPhone in Recovery mode” pops up.

Now your device is in DFU mode and you can make any changes to your device as you want.

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