How to Kick People off Your WiFi?

Have you ever shared your WiFi password with someone you know? If yes then this might sometimes become irritating. If your WiFi network is used by more people, you can see that your network is getting slow. So to get free from the problem you must kick off those people from your WiFi. Now you might be thinking about can you kick someone off your WiFi? The answer is yes! You can do it very easily.

How to Kick People Off  Your WiFi?

Below we are sharing some proven methods that you will easily follow to kick off people who are using your WiFi in order to get back your speedy network.

Method 1: Change Your WiFi Password

Changing your WiFi password is the best and easy method that you can try as the very first step. By changing the password all the devices will be disconnected from your WiFi network. Then you have to connect to your WiFi by entering a new WiFi password. So, now as you have a new password, those who don’t know the new password will not be able to use your WiFi network. It’s easier than to find if someone is using your WiFi. I know that if you have a lot of devices that have to be connected with this new password, it will become a headache for you but to stop unwanted people from using your WiFi network this is the only way you can think about. It will definitely help you kick out people off your WiFi.

Method 2: Use Address Filter on Your Router

A few routers approach control includes that can oversee which devices are permitted to the interface. Every remote gadget has a remarkable MAC address. A few routers let you boycott gadgets with a specific MAC address from associating. A few switches let you set a whitelist of just affirmed gadgets and keep different gadgets from interfacing later on. Every router does not have this feature. If your router has the feature, you can use it. This method is however not so secure but you can use it to get back those who are using your WiFi network. To do this you have to see your WiFi router’s settings. With this, you can pause the internet access to devices.

Method 3: Use a Guest Network

In case if you give guest access to your WiFi network, you will be able to make the actions easier. All you will have to do is just set up a guest WiFi network on your router. Numerous routers offer this element, considering it a “guest organization” or “guest access” in their settings. Your visitor organization can have an altogether discrete secret phrase. On the off chance that you actually need to transform it, you can simply change the visitor network secret key without changing your essential organization secret key and kicking your own gadgets off. Visitor organizations can frequently be “secluded” from your fundamental organization, as well. Your visitor’s gadgets won’t approach document shares on your PCs or other organization associated assets in the event that you empower “disconnection” or debilitate “permit visitors admittance to neighborhood network assets,” or whatever the choice is called.


Kicking people from your WiFi network is very important. It will make your internet network speedy. You will be able to control your router, internet, and network. You will get rid of illegal downloads and other bandwidth problems.

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