How to Make a Snapchat Poll Using Third Party Apps?

Social media polls are turning out to be increasingly conspicuous. Polls permit you to take advantage of the psyches of others. In case you’re any sort of business, they are an extraordinary method to perceive what your customers need from you.

Why Audience Polls are Useful?

Social media polling is just the simplest method to hear the thoughts of others. Perhaps you’re going to launch a product and need to get some input from likely purchasers. Run a poll and hear their considerations about it. Perhaps they figure it could be improved by including a couple of things which you contemplate. Social media polls are only an extremely incredible approach to perceive what your purchasers figure you can enhance. There’s no better method to perceive what you can improve than got notification from the individuals purchasing from you.

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Can You Do Poll On Snapchat?

All the social media channels support social poling including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Twitter polls are really useful and Instagram polls are very engaging and easy to post. But if you ask about if Snapchat has the feature to post on Snapchat, the answer is that the app at present doesn’t have the polling feature to use for taking suggestions from your friends and followers. But don’t worry there is an option to make polls on Snapchat by using third-party apps.

How to Create Poll on Snapchat?

As we already stated that you can easily create polls on Snapchat by using third-party apps. There is various poll making apps and websites you can choose from. Below I have shared some of the best third-party apps that you can use for doing polls on Snapchat.


PollsGo is quite easy to use the application to create polls. Here is the step by step method you can use to make polls by using the site on your mobile device.

All you need to do just start with opening on your computer or smartphone. PollsGo contains various multiple questions. But this doesn’t happen with all polls app and websites. In many of the cases, you have to link to only individual questions. You have multiple options whether you can poll participants to view the results immediately or only you can access the data. By using the app, you can choose that if you want your participants or see the results or not.

Both options are good. In case you allow your participants to see the results after the vote. There arise an immediate discussion topic. And if you don’t allow them to see the results after the vote, then it will be fun to define a limited voting period and the only you will share the results with your followers. You have to tick the box about whatever option you want to choose.

LMK: Anonymous Polls

If you are more interested in using a polling application on your mobile phone, you can download and install LMK: Anonymous Polls on your mobile device. You can easily download the application from Google Play Store or App Store in case you are using an iPhone.

This application is not free but will get various options like you can make your own stickers, add photos, post unlimited, and many other options. In this polling option, the responses can be anonymous.

Poll Questions for Snapchat Friends

Using the PollsGo app, you get a wide selection of interesting poll questions among which you can use the desired. There are three types of questions that you can create.

Personal Question

In this type, you have the option to choose between eight personal questions. Like you can ask, who am I to you or one thing I need to work on. There are more options for questions that you can use.

Group Question

Group questions can be great if you want to know about the group members. In such types, the poll participants will give you opinions that are anonymous about other group members. This choice is all the more intriguing in the event that you have a closed group of Snapchat followers. Once more, it’s possible to change any question after you have chosen it.

Your Own Question

This is the most used poll question option among individuals. In such polls questions, you can use unique questions that will help the polls don’t get boring. By using your own question option, you can any question from the topic in which the followers are interested.

Using any of the above options, when you choose a question, after that you have to provide options to select from to your poll respondents. You can also change the background color of any question. But however, you cannot add images to your polls with polls go.

Finally, PollsGo will create the poll for you and you can share it on Snapchat. You will get a URL that you can copy. You can also share your polls on social media channels using the links your copies.

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How To See Who Voted On My Snapchat Poll?

You will only be able to see who voted on your polls, only if your followers post the answers with their identity. But the followers use the option of posting answers with anonymity, you will not be able to see who posted on your Snapchat poll.

These were the options you can use to run a poll on Snapchat. To posts the polls you have to use the third party apps option. You have to download the apps and then start poling using them.

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