How to Pause or Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership?

There is no uncertainty that you have known about Planet Fitness, regardless of whether you’ve never gone to any gyms in your life. These gyms are incredibly well known and generally, you can for the most part discover a few of them that are working in your specific zone. An incredible aspect concerning being an individual from Planet Fitness is that you can utilize any of their gyms, regardless of where they’re found. That implies on the off chance that you take some time off, you should simply discover the closest Planet Fitness and you can keep up your activity routine without having it totally disentangled. That all by itself is sufficient to cause numerous individuals to choose to buy a membership. You can use the equipment and services that totally depends on your membership.

Getting members and joining Planet Fitness has its own benefits but at a point in time, you may like to cancel planet fitness membership. But keep it in your mind leaving the membership is not that easy. You have to follow a complete procedure for it. Don’t worry. I am here mentioning all about the process that will help you in successfully canceling planet fitness membership. Let’s go with the process now.

How to Quit Planet Fitness Membership

There is no easy process for canceling the planet fitness membership by using any phone call or email. You have to either meet them in person or send an official mail that contains a certified letter.

Cancel Planet Fitness Membership by Meeting in Person

Step 1: You have to visit the nearest Planet Fitness club in your city.

Step 2: Ask the staff member to give you a membership canceling form.

Step 3: You need to complete all the detail given in the form and submit to the staff.

Step 4: Also tell them to inform you by mail after the cancellation process has been completed.

This is how you can do it personally visiting the club. There is also another way to cancel it by sending an official mail letter to the officials. Let’s get to know the method too.

Cancel Planet Fitness Membership by Sending a Mail

Step 1: Get a letter pad and start writing a letter mentioning details about your request to cancel the planet fitness membership.

Step 2: You will need to include information like your full name, email address, date of birth, physical address, contact number, last four digits of your credit card number and planet fitness membership ID number. Make sure that don’t miss any of them.

Step 3: Now, you must include your valid signature to the letter.

Step 4: Finally have a look at the letter and after making corrections if needed, you can send the letter using a certified mail to the address of your gym.


After sending the mail, you have to wait at least for a week. If you don’t get any reply from them, call them and know if they receive your mail or not. If still, any problem arises, we suggest you follow the method number 1 that is by visiting personally. In case you want to pause your planet fitness membership due to some illness or any injury, you can easily do so as planet fitness allows you to freeze your membership, and to do this, you have to request the service by connecting to the customer service operators.

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