How to Permanently Delete Your Venmo Account?

Venmo is a P2P money transfer mobile application, like Square Cash, that has an online networking twist. You can send or demand cash through emoticon studded instant messages, which appear in a Facebook-style feed. Venmo allows you to send and demand cash to and from any individual who has a Venmo account. The application can help with the abnormal errand of repaying family or companions for dinner or other outings, yet it’s not made for purchasing or selling products with outsiders. Venmo can likewise be utilized for online purchases with specific vendors, for the most part on sites with an installment button like PayPal’s.

How to Delete Your Venmo Account Permanently?

You cannot use the Venmo application to delete the account. To delete the account you have to use PC. Follow the below steps carefully.

Login to Your Account

Login to the web browser using your Venmo ID and password. To delete the app you have to use the PC as the mobile application will not be able to delete the account.

Transfer Your Funds

Before deleting your account you have to transfer your funds into your bank account. The reason is that Venmo will never delete the account if there are funds available or transactions in progress. You can do two things. Either you can send the money to the sender or transfer your funds to your bank account. This bank transfer will take a few days but if you need to get an instant bank transfer, you can always do it but for doing this, the bank will charge you some fee.

Delete the Account

After you have transferred the amount in your bank account and logged in your account, click on the settings. Next, you have to click on Close My Venmo and then tap on Next.

After that you need to review the transaction you have made recently and when you are done tap on Close Account option.

Check Your Mail

When Venmo closes your account completely, the official mail will be sent to you on the email address that you have mentioned when you created the account. The mail will include all your transaction history and final message to you that will confirm that your account has been deleted.

Things to do Before You Delete Your Venmo Account

Once you delete your account, you will never be able to login to the account. So before deleting your account, you have to complete a few tasks. Subsequently, the primary thing you need to do before you erase your account is to move out whatever funds are in your Venmo account.

When your Venmo balance reflects zero, you can feel free to expel your bank details. You can choose an instant bank transfer however should pay a little charge for it.

How You Can Remove Your Bank Details from Venmo?

As we have stated earlier that before deleting the account you have to remove your bank details and transfer the funds. After transferring the funds, you will have to remove the bank details. You can do it with your Venmo app itself.

To do this, you have to sign in to the Venmo app on your phone. Tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner and tap on the settings.

Scroll down and see the Payment Method and then select the bank account that you want to delete. Now tap on Remove Bank. This way all your bank account details will be removed from the Venmo account.


Deleting Venmo account is not easy but you can do it with the help of the above-mentioned step by step procedure. After the confirmation mail, if you want to make it sure, you can try logging in back to the account. If it’s deleted you will never be able to log in and use the account.

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