How to Play Mancala On iMessage?

How to Play Mancala On iMessage?

How to Play Mancala On iMessage: Alongside sending ApplePay exchanges and making Memojis, the console in your iPhone’s Messages application likewise gives you the choice to mess around with your contacts.

However long your iPhone is refreshed to iOS 11 or higher, which it unquestionably will be, except if you’ve been putting off updates since 2017, you can download various diverse iMessage games to play with your companions. These games are basic and are intended to be played turn-by-turn. You go ahead, you trust that your contact will proceed, etc. It’s totally directed altogether through iMessage messages.

If you have tried all the games and now looking for something new, Mancala can be the right option for you. Mancala is usually played on a board, and you might have played this before. But the interesting thing is that you can now play the game on your iPhone. Here you will get to know how you can play Mancala on iMessage.

Download Mancala in iMessage

If you want to play mancala without iMessage, you can download the Mancala game directly from the app store, but if you are looking to download the game from the iMessage app store, there is no option to do so. But still, you can play mancala on iMessage. To get mancala on iMessage, you have to do the following.

  • Open the messaging app and go to any iMessage conversation.
  • Then, you have to tap on the app drawer icon that you see on the left side of the messaging textbox.
  • After that, you will need to tap on the app store icon from the app drawer and the app store will be opened.
  • Now, you have to tap on the search icon and then you have to search for the GamePigeon in the app store.
  • Then, just tap on the get option and the app will be installed.
  • Now, close the app store and just get back to messages.
  • You will see the GamePigeon app in your app drawer. Just tap on the app icon.
  • You will see a list of games there. You will see Mancala there, just tap on it to open in iMessage app with the person you want to play it.

How to Play Mancala On iMessage?

On iMessage, you can play mancala between two-player using two types of mode. One is Capture and the second is Avalanche. The rule to play mancala in both the modes is somewhat the same with some variances. To start the game, you have to choose the game mode and difficulty level and then send it to the person with whom you want to play it.

While playing the game in iMessage you can play with the person in one stretch of time or you can also stretch the game over a long time. Whatever mode you choose, the basics of the game remain the same.

The game consists of a board that has two rows with 6 holes called pockets. In the end, you see a big hole which is called mancalas or stores. Each of the players has one row and one mancala.

You will see 48 stones in the game that are divided evenly in the pockets. That means each pocket has 4 stones with both the mancalas empty. Now you have to put stones from your side to your mancala until the end of your row. At last, whoever is having more stones in mancala, will win the game.

How to Play Mancala Capture Mode?

This game is started by tapping on one of the pockets. The stones will then be dropped in the next pockets counterclockwise. Thus you will have to take the stones to the mancala on your side by tapping on the pockets one after another.

You and your opponents have to do so until there are no stones left.

When you drop the last stone, you will get another free turn or else your opponent will get their turn. Now the difference that comes in the capture mode is that when you drop the last stone into an empty pocket, then that stone and all the stones in the adjacent pocket will be deposited in your mancala. This is called capturing.

How to Play Mancala Avalanche Mode?

Playing mancala in avalanche mode has the same mechanism that you played in the capture mode. There are few differences that you will experience. There is no capturing process in the avalanche mode. Like the capture mode, you have to tap on each pocket one after another to drop the stone in the mancala.

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But the main difference in avalanche mode is that the turn in the game will end when you drop the stone in an empty pocket. The longer your turn continues in the Avalanche mode, the more stones you’ll drop into your mancala. And the chances of you winning will be better.


So this is how you can play mancala in iMessage in both capture and avalanche mode.


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