How to Play Pictionary on Zoom?

We live in a fascinating world. In only half a month, a considerable lot of our social schedules went from jam stuffed to all the way open. In any case, since you’re remaining at home doesn’t mean you need to drop game night. With such a significant number of video chat choices accessible today benefits like Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype there are huge amounts of chances to remain associated and get serious.

Due to its usability and excellent, Zoom has immediately become the virtual party time application of the decision. It’s additionally incredible for messing around, which implies you can go from a tattle meeting to a game night in a moment or two.

Playing Pictionary can get somewhat dubious without the conventional gameboard, however, there are a couple of advanced hacks to redesign the general understanding. In any case, it is conceivable to do without conventional play without an excessive amount of difficulty. To begin with, groups should decide a point objective instead of crossing the conventional Pictionary board. Zoom has a convenient whiteboard highlight to help with sharing ongoing drawings. Players will likewise require a stopwatch and a word generator to help with play along the way.

Rules for Playing Pictionary on Zoom

The rules for playing Pictionary on Zoom has not many tough rules but to get them, you have to try playing it a few times. To get everything clear before playing you must get a Pictionary word generator.

The play starts with a player drawing something and the rest of the player will start guessing the drawing. Then the game will shuffle and the one who is about to draw will shuffle the random word generator. You have to take care that only the Pictionary artist will access the Pictionary word generator.

For this, the link for the Pictionary word generator has to be given to all players. And when someone’s turn will come, he/she will open the generator’s link and see the word to draw it. You can set a maximum time limit of approximately 60 seconds to draw and another 60 seconds for their team to guess the drawing. Make sure only the host will handle the board.

How to Set up Pictionary on Zoom?

Step 1: Get start your Zoom meeting to host the game and invite whoever you want to play the game with.

Step 2: When all participants are there, tap on the Share Screen option that will be seen at the bottom of the Zoom meeting page.

Step 3: Select the Whiteboard shown under the Basic tab.

Step 4: Next, you have to tap on Share to complete the process.

Now every person who will play there can see the drawing on the board. Every player will be able to draw on the same whiteboard when their turn will come.

You can also divide the whiteboard screen to show the scoreboard on one side. Enter the participants’ names using the Text tab in the panel of the whiteboard. You can also use Stamp feature from the whiteboard panel to maintain the scores of each player. The one who gets the highest number of stamps wins the game.

How to Play Pictionary on Zoom?

Step 1: First play on his/ her turn will spin the word generator.

Step 2: Then the player will select the option Draw to get the drawing. The option is available for freehand and stencil drawing.

Step 3: The player can also undo or redo the strokes made by him within 60 seconds.

Step 4: He can also save the drawings by tapping the Save option.

Step 5: After guessing and winning the drawing, the drawing must be removed.

Note: Make sure you don’t tap on the Clear option as it will clear the scoreboard also.

Step 6: All the players will repeat the steps to continue the play.

Step 7: After you are done, you must stop the screen sharing by tapping on the Screen Sharing option and end the meeting.

That’s all with playing Pictionary on Zoom. I hope you understood the process of setting and playing the game on zoom. By playing, again and again, you will explore new things and that will be more fun. So start playing with your friends or family and experience fun being safe at home.

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