How to Put a Link in Instagram Bio?

Your Instagram bio is tied in with establishing that significant first impression. A great many people rapidly filter your bio and photographs before choosing whether or not they ought to follow you. On the off chance that your Instagram bio is tempting, clients may choose to draw in with your substance or follow your account. In the event that it isn’t, you may lose their interest forever. In this article, I’ll help you know what an Instagram bio is, what does link in bio mean on Instagram, how to put a link in Instagram bio, and how to share a link on Instagram.

What is Instagram Bio?

Your Instagram Bio is a blank space that you can see below your username. You can add some details about you or your brand in it. In your Instagram bio, you can add a short description of you or your brand, your contact details, hashtags, and many more.

What Does Link in Bio Mean On Instagram?

A link in your Instagram bio means a URL that is clickable and is appearing in your profile description. The link in bio gives others essential; info regarding your business, products, and services. The links also contain contacts to get in touch with your company or services.

How to Put a Link in Instagram Bio?

Here I’ll let you know about the step by step process to add a link to your Instagram bio. Let’s start now.

Step 1: Open your Instagram account.

Step 2: Then tap on your profile icon and visit the profile page.

Step 3: On the profile page, beside your username, you will find an option for edit profile. Tap on it.

Step 4: You will see various customization options and you also edit all your personal details here. If you want you can also change your Instagram email address here.

Step 5: To add links, you must tap on the website option and in the black space you can type your website or business link.

Step 6: Finally you must tap on the tick mark option to save the changes you have made on your profile.

This way you have added a link to your Instagram bio very easily.

Along with the bio you can share links on Instagram in many ways. The options are shared below.

How to Share a Link on Instagram?

There are many ways you can share a link on Instagram to promote your business and services. Here they are.

Add Link in Bio

Adding a link to your bio is the first and least difficult approach to share a link. It is the main spot where anybody, including a private individual account, can share an interactive link. It is suggested that you must add your home page link in the Bio section.

Share Link in Post Caption

Yes, it’s true that you can’t add clickable links in your captions, but yet you can use them in a caption to engage customers and draw their attention. You also improve your reach using hashtags.

Add Links to Instagram Stories

The business account who have 10000 or more followers have the option to share clickable links on their Instagram story. The clickable option is shown as a swipe up feature there. When you swipe up in Instagram stories you will be landed to the link destination. But to use this option your account must have a minimum of 10000 followers. You can add these links when you upload multiple photos on your Instagram story too.

Use Instagram Ads

You can utilize your Instagram business profile to pay to advance posts and stories with Instagram Ads. This permits you to portion your crowd and add interactive connections to the inscriptions of the advanced posts. Instagram permits you to share joins in your post inscriptions insofar as you’re paying for them.

Add Links to Direct Messages

Numerous brands neglect to utilize Instagram direct messages to their maximum capacity. Set aside some effort to screen your inbox consistently for message demands, stories Dimension your brands, and client care questions. Set aside some effort to react, reshare, and assemble those client connections.


Despite the fact that sharing links on Instagram expects you to get somewhat inventive and invest a little energy with set-up, utilizing the stage to its fullest can go far to improving your primary concern and helping you construct more grounded associations with your client base.

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