How To Send & Receive Money on Cash App?

In this digital era, everyone expects and wants to complete things online no matter what kind of thing is this. We are making habits involving us online-only, it saves our lot of time and efforts and help us to complete our task even faster than traditional things.

Many of us already aware of online shopping and online money transactions. There are lots of ways available, but we always scared of money loss, false transactions, etc. but today I am going to share some unique way of payment with you. It will help you to send and receive payments from anyone.  This app called “Square Cash”.

What is Square Cash?

Square Cash is a peer-to-peer mobile payment service developed and owned by Square, Inc. that allowing the user to send and money to your friend and a family member just using a mobile phone, It also helps to invest digital currency in the stock market or by buying Bitcoin.

It’s very easy like you can make a purchase in any store by swiping your phone using Square Cash.

Yes, there is no doubt you were thinking about the safety of using this app like is it safe or not but here is my clear answer “It is safe” why?  Because all payments sent and received by Square Cash app are encrypted. Cash App is protected with the same high-end bank-level encryption as Square using themselves.

How To Send And Receive Money On Square Cash?

Square Cash is very easy to use and yes “it’s Free”.

As we stated earlier it’s easy to use just by sending an email or typing a car number into a simple page.

But when it comes to sending Monday you need to take care of it because they have some limited support available, so there is a chance to encounter delay or problem to reach out to them in case of any problem or something goes wrong.

How Square Cash App Works?

There are many ways to use the Square Cash app. You just need to follow basic steps like entering the amount, some basic contact information of the receiver or person you are sending.  There are some options like you can use the phone number, Specific Square cash username that also called $cashtags and email address.

This process is very simple as I mentioned earlier. If you are going to use this app with email, you need to create an email to the person or business that you want to send or receiving money from.  The fund comes from your checking account via your debit card (which you will select as a payment option) and payment directly goes to the recipient’s debit card.

So if we some up the process in steps you need to take the following steps to use the app accurately.

Step 1: Create an email to whoever you want to pay.

Step 2: There is a subject line in that you need to write the dollar amount of your Payment.

Step 3: Send a carbon copy of the message to so they’ll know you are initiating or trying to make a payment.

Step 4: You can write a custom message, whatever you want to write in the message body, as it’s optional so you can also leave it blank.

Step 5: As a final step just send the email.


There is a catch, if you are using Square Cash for the first time, you will get an email from Square Cash asking to provide your payment details like the debit card number. That is the same for your payee. It will take two business days to arrive amount in the payee’s checking amount.

That all I have to tell you about Square cash app. Hope the information will surely help you in making payments and use the app nicely.

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