How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone XR?

If you are also in the love with iPhone then this blog is for you. iPhone trying to make its phones more powerful and great with introducing amazing features. But sometimes they remove some of your favorite features that you love more.

iPhone 11 and 10 series have many exciting features but one of the best features is not there at this time, that Battery percentage indicator. I know many of you who are using these series is missing this battery percentage in your iPhone status bar.

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Why Seeing Battery Percentage on iPhone XR is Important?

We have gotten so used to this feature to seeing this percentage number in the top right corner of our iPhones. It’s better than only showing the battery icon, we got the exact idea of how much our phone battery remaining.

But it’s a very mixed or confused feeling when you upgrade your iPhone to 11 or X series and see that your loving feature is not there.

But in this blog, we’ll share some simple tips to see your battery percentage indicator on your iPhone 11 or X series that includes XS, XR, or X.

Top Ways to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone XR?

Method 1: You can see battery percentage from your Control Center

Method 2: While charging your phone

Method 3: Add the battery widget to your lock screen

But before jumping to the points, I know you are thinking that “does the new ios show this feature?” the clear answer to this question is “No”.  So, we can only use the above-mentioned options to check battery percentage on our iPhone new Series. Don’t get upset just by this single feature and you should happy about iPhone next steps to provide awesome battery backups and even that supports fast charging.

Let me clear a few features,  iPhone claims that in X series they are providing more battery backup compare to older versions, the same iPhone 11 pro models offer better performance in terms of battery performance with up to 5 hours compare to older versions.

iPhone also comes with an 18watt fast charger in the box. iPhone XS and XR also supports fast charging and have the capacity to charge 50% in just 30 minutes using an apple fast charger.

But why iPhone remove that feature, a big reason behind this is changing in design, if you will see iPhone change the almost complete design and provide a bigger and better view and letting you enjoy your complete screen.

How to see Battery Percentage on your iPhone 11, XS, XR, X’s?

Using Control Center

Step 1: Firstly, open your control center on iPhone 11, and the X series is quite different.

Step 2: Then, instead of swiping up you need to swipe down from top right to open control center to see the battery percentage.

This is the only prime way to check your battery percentage.

While Charging Your Phone

One more way you can check your battery percentage but this is not possible all time like there is a limitation of charging, means you can only check the percentage of charge at the time current charging. It possible with a box charger and Qi-supported wireless charging pad.

Add the battery widget to your lock screen

Step 1: For using this method you need to navigate to your home screen and then swipe to the right.

Step 2: Then need to scroll down that page and locate the edit button and tap it.

Step 3: On the Add Widget screen, it will available in more widget and tap the plus sign just next to batteries.

Step 4: The next time you swipe right from your home or lock screen, the battery widget appears.

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These were the easiest methods you can use to show battery percentage on your iPhone XR. Try the methods and use the feature.

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