How To Skip Ads on Hulu?

Do you love watching movies? If yes, then, Hulu is one of the best options you could ever have. Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services around, and there are valid justifications for that. With a broad library of TV shows and motion pictures and a lot of unique content, it’s stacked with various advantages. Hulu centers principally on streaming more current TV shows from numerous well-known network broadcasters, in addition to unique content, blockbuster, and independent films, and documentaries. The platform varies from other notable streaming sites, for example, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in that it permits clients’ prior access to popular series from numerous conventional networks.

Enjoying your shows and movies without ads is an awesome feeling. The easiest way that you can avoid the ads is to get a premium plan of Hulu that you will get for $11.99/month. The plan is named as “Hulu (No Ads).” You may find it quite costly but believe me, it pays for the value. But in case you are not sure about the premium plan and looking for tricks that will help you skip ads while watching your favorite content on Hulu, you can try the below methods.

How to Skip or Block Hulu Ads?

The only solution to get rid of ads on Hulu is that you have to block them using some adblockers. But these activities require some guidelines to be followed step by step. Here you have proven ways that will surely help you skip ads and enjoy your shows and movies on Hulu.

Use AdBlock Plus

The very easy method is to your problem to be solved is using AdBlock plus plugin on your system. However AdBlock plus does not remove ads totally, it just replaces the ads with a blank screen. So if there is no problem with a blank screen on your device, you can keep using AdBlock plus plugin on your device. There might be chances that some of your favorite content might not play while you use Ad Block plus plugin on your device. So you have to disable the plugin to see those content with some of the ads running.


If you are using your phone to watch the movies and shows then, you may find it easier to get rid of the ads. You can e Blokada app on your phone to skip those unwanted ads on your phone while watching your favorite show. If you are not aware, let me tell you that Blokada is a third party application that you can use in your android device to block ads while streaming on Hulu.

Refresh Page

If you are thinking about something practical, and don’t want to install any app or plugin then, you can use this trick on your device. This method is quite effective for getting rid of Hulu ads. All you can do is simply refresh the page you are watching and as a result, it will shorten the ads. It’s true that using this method, you cannot just remove ads on Hulu, but decrease the duration of the ads. When you refresh the page, you will see the complete ads and the time will be saved for watching more of your content.

Use Two Tabs

This method is trickier than the above-mentioned ones. In this method, you have to open two tabs and play your content on both the tabs. Mute the tab that you are not watching and enjoy your show on the first tab, but when ads run on the first, you can mute it and move to the second one, and keep repeating the process.


All the methods are tested and proven. But if you find them time-consuming and bit trickier and not to use, you have to go with a premium plan of Hulu. This the best ever technique if you don’t mind paying a few bucks to enjoy your content freely without any obstacle.

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