How to Stop Spotify From Opening on Startup?

How to Stop Spotify From Opening on Startup?

How to Stop Spotify From Opening on Startup? Spotify is well known and top music platform. Spotify has millions of songs in multiple languages and many genres that make it the best music streaming service.

Spotify provides free and paid services. Spotify lets you listen to millions of songs free of cost but with some limited features like fewer multiple skips, Ads, no HD listening experience, wait for some weeks for the latest release, not able to download songs. Spotify provides its service on all platforms like a web app, Android app, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, etc. you can listen and enjoy unlimited songs as per your mood at any time any place.

What Are Spotify Services?

The free version of Spotify also enough if you can manage with some interruption. You will get too many ads even Spotify itself promotes too many promotions of its own premium service with highlighting an ad-free listening experience with all required features.

In the Premium service of Spotify, you can enjoy and feel a more rich experience in music listing like HD Audio, multiple skips, latest releases, download up to 10,000 songs & multiple device music listing, and controlling. You can also buy a premium service for your family.

As I said you can listen to songs on Spotify on any device as per your need, that is a good feature but sometimes you get frustrated or feel annoying by some of the features.

In this article, we will get a solution for the one feature that is Spotify automatic start on startup. Many users of Spotify highlighted this issue and seeking a solution for this feature and ask support to improve this feature. There are some steps or solutions available to fix this and let you manually disabled Spotify from starting up every time you start your system like Windows, Mac, etc.

What is Spotify Automatic Startup Feature and Why It’s Annoying?

Many users like to install or use their favorite music app on all devices to listen to music anytime based on requirements. Like many of us install the app on their work machine to listen to music while focusing on work and let them concentrate.

This feature is a very basic and less required feature of this app. In the automatic app startup, Spotify automatically starts working every time you boot your device.

If you recently download an app on your desktop, it will boot without your permission when you will start your device. It synch featured content and layout from the server so it took too much time to load completely and get slower your pc or booting process.

Here, we’re sharing Different methods of disabling or turn off Spotify Automatic Startup.

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Disable Auto Start through the Spotify App

It is a very basic and initial step to get rid of this auto-start feature. It will work in both Windows and Mac, you need to follow the given steps:

  • You need to click on your profile icon (top right corner), then click on settings.
  • Then need to scroll down the preferences section, need to click on the button with “Show Advanced Settings”.
  • Then move to the startup and window behavior section and click the menu next to “open Spotify automatically after you log into the computer” and need to select “No” from the given drop-down menu.
  • The setting is automatically saved and now your app won’t automatically open at startup.

Disable Spotify Auto Start through Task Manager

If you followed the above method and your Spotify app still runs automatically while starting up your laptop or desktop, then this method will help you.

In this method, we will cover both Windows and Mac OS.

For Windows

This is a very simple and effective way to disable.

  • You need to right-click on the taskbar (at the bottom) and select “Task Manager”
  • After open the task manager, click “Startup” It will provide a list of programs with startup enabled and disabled status.
  • Locate the Spotify app from the given list, and click on the “Disabled” tab at bottom of the window or you also right-click and select disable.

For Mac

You need to remove your Spotify App from the startup in users & groups as given steps.

  • You need to open system preferences via the Apple menu in the top left corner of your Mac.
  • Then you need to go to “Users & Groups” and select the login items tab.
  • Now you will see the list of apps that will open at startups. Now select Spotify App and click on the minus sign given at the bottom of the list.

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