How to Switch WiFi Network on Chromecast?

Chromecast is a streaming media connector from Google that permits clients to play online substance, for example, videos and music on smart TVs. It’s usually a dongle that you have to plug into your TV’s HDMI port. To power the device you have to connect a cable to the USB port. You can convert your smartphone into a TV remote by installing an app. Chromecast can stream content from an expanding number of sources including Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Google Play music and movies, and the Chrome browser. The other competitors of Chromecast are Roku’s Streaming Stick and Apple TV.

If you are using Chromecast but not able to connect it to different networks or want to change the network on it, you have to follow a few guidelines. To perform the activity you must become sure that both of your WiFi connections are accessible to you. If you use Google Chromecast and want it to save 2 different WiFi info at a time, then it’s not possible. The reason is, Google Chromecast can remember only one network at a time. If you save a new WiFi network, the Chromecast deletes the old WiFi info.

Google Chromecast must be accessed on 2.4 GHz WiFi network, however, it has been discovered that PCs or phones work at 5 GHz system or Ethernet in a legitimate way. In any case, those can likewise be associated with Chromecast, given that those gadgets and Chromecast are associated with a similar router.

How to Connect Chromecast with WiFi?

Before changing the network on Chromecast, you must check whether Chromecast is also connected to the same network or not. Then proceed with the following steps.

Step 1: Launch the Chromecast app on your phone or tablet. It will help you manage the WiFi network for Chromecast.

Step 2: Search for any Chromecast device on the same network.

Step 3: If the mobile app found Chromecast, then it will list Chromecast on the device.

Step 4: Go to your devices page to see the list.

Step 5: When you see Chromecast, tap on it to connect your phone or tablet to the Chromecast device.

Step 6: Now, when your mobile device is connected with Chromecast, you must do a Chromecast setup.

Step 7: As the initial process, you must enter the name of the device.

Step 8: Choose your WiFi Network and your time Zone.

This way your device will be connected to a WiFi network.

How to Change WiFi Network on Chromecast?

Step 1: To change the WiFi network on Chromecast, you must tap on the Network.

Step 2: A popup window will be opened. You can see all the details regarding your current network.

Step 3: From there, Tap on the WiFi Network info. A list of WiFi networks will be opened with this.

Step 4: Tap on a new WiFi network you want to connect the device.

Step 5: You will be asked to enter a password. Type the correct password for the selected network.

Step 6: Now, Tap on OK in order to change the WiFi network on Chromecast.

Step 7: An alert message will be seen on the mobile screen that Chromecast is not on the same network.

Step 8: You need to tap OK to that message.

Step 9: You can check that the Chromecast app on the device will be changed to the WiFi network on the mobile device also.

Note: In case you forget the password to the new WiFi network, the connection to the new network will be failed. But you can manually change the network on your mobile device.

Step 10: Now, tap on OK and you will see that Chromecast is going to connect with the new WiFi network.

Step 11: Finally, tap on the finish.


This way you have successfully changed the WiFi network on Google Chromecast. After you have connected your mobile device and Chromecast to the new WiFi network, you can see the Chromecast in your mobile device.

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