How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android Without PC?

Have you at any point exchanged phones? Assuming you have, you’ll know exactly the amount of an issue it is to move contacts starting with one phone then onto the next, particularly on the off chance that you’re moving from iOS to Android as well as the other way around.

With everything taken into account, what’s the great method for moving contacts in case you’re changing from iPhone to an Android phone?

In reality, you have a couple of choices accessible available to you. In this article, I’ll talk about how to move contacts from iPhone to Android without a PC.


How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android? (Different Methods)

From iPhone To Android Without iCloud

iPhone has a nearby response for sharing the contacts, which can be seen in the Contacts application.

This is known as the Share Contact choice, and it’s quite possibly the most advantageous method for sharing contacts from iPhone to Android.

In any case, it’s likewise one of the most restricted choices since you can share each contact in turn. Tolerating essentially for the present that you’re moving your whole contacts list, this may not be the best arrangement.

Assuming you’re just intending to move several contacts from iPhone to Android, however, simply follow the means beneath.

  • Open the Contacts application on your iPhone.
  • Pick which reach you need to move by tapping it.
  • Look down until you observe the Share Contact choice. Tap it.
  • This will open a spring-up window, showing you the choices for the move, like Message or Mail. For this instructional exercise, how about we feel free to tap Mail.
  • Then you will be facilitated to another spring-up menu to incorporate the subject and the email address. You will see the record of your contact associated.
  • Hit send, and you’re finished. You’ve presently sent your contact through the local Share Contact choice.
  • To get to the new contact, essentially open the mail application on your Android gadget and open the message.
  • Another email message as found in the Android mail application
  • Then the document connection needs to be clicked for saving it as a New Contact.

By Importing With Your Android Gmail and By Exporting With iCloud

Assuming you have many contacts to move and the local Share Contact choice is too tiring, there’s another choice that permits you to move huge clusters of contact subtleties to your Android phone.

This method utilizes your Google Account and iCloud, so promise you to have these before starting.

Furthermore, since you will send it out from iCloud, you ought to likewise check to assume your contacts are really reared up to your iCloud.

In case they aren’t, guarantee that you do thusly.

The best strategy for Exporting Your Contacts From iCloud

As alluded to, this procedure integrates conveying your contacts from your iCloud Account into Gmail and accordingly downloading from your Gmail to your phone. In this first stage, we will send out your contacts from iCloud utilizing the .vcf document design.

Observe, in spite of the fact that you needn’t bother with a PC to move your iPhone contacts to your Android, you truly do require a PC to initially trade your contacts into a record with the .vcf design.

That is on the grounds that the portable variant of iCloud doesn’t show your contacts list, so you need to utilize your desktop program.

  • On your desktop program, your iCloud account is to be signed using your email address and secret key.
  • The contacts are picked up from the menu. This will show you a summary of the overall large number of contacts moved to your iCloud account.
    iCloud dashboard with the contacts choice featured
  • From the rundown, pick your desired contacts to trade. To choose only a couple, just feature those.
  • For selecting all the contacts, the most direct strategy for doing so is to click Cmd+A on Mac or Ctrl+A on Windows.
  • Whenever you’ve chosen the reaches you need to move from iPhone to Android, click the stuff symbol at the base left corner of the page.
  • Then the Export vCard decision can be seen. This will change over totally picked contacts into a significant .vcf report.
  •  ‘Save’ is clicked
  • Open your email client. Then you will be able to join the .vcf report to an email address that you’ll send the record endorsed to your Android phone.

Various instructions to Import Contacts From Gmail

Now, the .vcf record that contains all your contact information ought to have been shipped off the email that you have signed into your Android gadget.

By and by, the most compelling thing required is importing that .vcf record from Gmail into your Android. For doing that, the means underneath need to be followed.

  • The email that contains the .vcf record you recently got needs to be opened on your Android phone and downloaded.
  • Then, open your Contacts application and tap the kebab symbol, generally situated on the upper right of the connection point. A spring-up window ought to appear.
  • Pick Import/Export Contacts.
  • Import/send out contacts choice in contacts application for android
  • From the rundown of choices, the Import from Storage is picked.
  • Your gadget will then filter your phone and search for usable records to import. If you’ve suitably saved the .vcf report on your device, the scope should get it. Click the as of late sent out .vcf record.
  • Assuming that your phone asks you for affirmation, click OK. Your phone will then begin bringing in every one of the contacts on the document. Whenever it’s done, however, you ought to see a notice saying as much.

That is all there is to it, you’ve presently moved your iPhone contact rundown to your Android phone. Contingent upon your phone, you might even be given the choice to pick where to save it.

It can be saved to your phone picture account, to your SIM, or as Google Contacts on your Google Account.

Indeed, remember that assuming you as of now have a .vcf support of your contacts list on your email account, you can really do this technique without a PC.

The main justification for why you could require a PC for this is on the off chance that you don’t have the required .vcf record available yet.

Utilizing A Third-Party App

You can in like manner use untouchable applications to move contacts from iPhone to Android without a PC.

One model is an application i.e. free and available on the Apple App Store, My Contacts Backup.

The work of it is the same as previous: by making a .vcf record of your contacts and it is then sent to your email address, which can be opened on your Android phone.

  • The My Contacts Backup is downloaded on the Apple App Store.
  • The application will request to get to your contacts. Then OK is clicked
  • The green Backup button is clicked to start.
  • At this point, the Email is clicked after completion.
  • The email address is entered that you need to send it to.
  • Follow the means to the past subsection, “How To Import Contacts From Gmail.”

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