How to Turn Off Subtitles on Netflix Permanently?

If you are a Netflix addict, then this post could be beneficial for you. Netflix is the most worldwide streaming platform that provides various shows and movies to kill your boredom and let you enjoy your weekends.  You can enjoy limitless ad-free viewing content.

How Netflix Works?

Netflix allows you to download your favorites tv shows and movies and let you enjoy offline. Netflix offers various plans, you can choose as per your requirement. Netflix also provides 4 membership plan that allows you to share your single account with your friends and family members, you need to just create 4 profile and all can stream as per their interest without any interference in individual profiles.

Netflix serving in 190+ countries and providing an extensive global content library. This content will vary based on the region you are using Netflix. Netflix also recommending tv shows based on your watch history.

You can also watch Netflix with long-distance friends, it can be any foreign movies and shows, Netflix provides a subtitle feature that allows you to enjoy all tv shows with any language barrier. Whether you are hearing impaired, using this feature you can learn any language and read any dialogue along with tv shows and movies.

Subtitles are very helpful but not always necessary, But what happened someone watched any foreign language tv shows on your account and now that language preference saved on your accounts setting and you don’t want to see those ugly yellow text while watching your familiar shows or movies.

How To Turn Off Netflix Subtitles On Your Web Browser?

Many of us using Netflix on our web browser any device like laptop, desktop but by following these following steps you can turn off subtitles.

Step 1: You need to open your Netflix account and play any show or movie you want to watch

Step 2: Then you will see some option at the bottom of the player, then click on an icon that looks like a dialogue box.

Step 3: After clicking the dialogue box, you will see some options like Audio and Subtitles, then in the subtitle box, click on “off” now you won’t see any subtitle on that show and movie.

How To Turn Off Netflix Subtitles On Android/iOS Devices:

Most of us love to watch late-night shows and movies and always prefer to watch them in comfort on bed, So we always prefer our mobile devices for this, by following these tips you can turn off subtitles on your android mobile

Step 1: Open Netflix app and open any show you want to watch.

Step 2: While watching a video, you need to tap on the screen to see the video progress bar on the screen.

Step 3: Then select “Audio & Subtitles”.

Step 4: Now in the subtitle box, tap on “off”.

And now your subtitles have turned off.

How to Turn Off Netflix Subtitles On Apple TV

If you are watching your shows and movies on Apple TV device then you need to follow this method to turn off your subtitles.

  • For an Apple TV 2 and Version 3, you need to hold the center button on the Apple TV remote and select “off” in the Subtitles section.
  • For an Apple tv version 4 and 4k, you need to swipe down on the touchpad on the Apple tv remote and then select “off” in the subtitles section.
  • If your device not on the list, then don’t worry you need to follow the exact same procedure in your device. It will work for you.

How to Watch Netflix on a Nintendo Switch?

Happy streaming and enjoy your shows and movies without interruptions.

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