How to use Ghost Reality Ripple Effect on TikTok?

If you have heard about the Ghost filter in Tiktok and don’t know about it that means you are not aware of what’s trending in TikTok. So, let me tell you that it’s nothing but just a filter used in TikTok. It is Reality Ripple Filter in TikTok that people use to see ghost-like shadows around them. Isn’t it amazing that you can see a ghost within a filter? Quite funny!! But yes, it seems like something out of a terrible thriller. The reality ripple effect on TikTok has individuals persuaded they are seeing ghosts in their home and it’s sort of irresistible.

How Does the Ghost Filter Work?

You may see that many filters come and go on TikTok and become trendy when people start getting addicted to them. There are lots of ghost filter on TikTok. They are basically illusion filters that keep on amusing people. These illusion filters create sometimes things scary, ethereal, elusive, and dreamlike. This way the effects make you believe that there is something supernatural by giving just a few colors like objects.

The reality Ripple Filter, also known as the Ghost filter is just like the other filters you use in TikTok. The main contrast with this one is that it is intended to supposedly recognize movement from people or supernatural spirits sneaking close by. This filter just ripples and changes its color when it finds something moving, it may be a person, any moving chair, or hanging clothes in the room. Many users have seen the filter giving those shadows of a specific shape, a few others have the reality ripple effect acting for reasons unknown by indicating the path of hues over a huge territory with no specific shape.

But till now there is no proof that the filter scans ghosts and its juts an entertainment activity that makes the users amusing and keeps engaging in using TikTok.

How to Use the Ghost (Reality Ripple filter) in TikTok?

To use the reality ripple effect on your TikTok, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open your TikTok account on the phone.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘+’ button which you can find in the middle of the screen and use it to create a new video.

Step 3: In the bottom left corner you will see a button labeled Effects. Tap on it.

Step 4: You will see content under Trending heading. Scroll down and find out the Reality Ripple Filter.

Step 5: When you tap on the effect your camera will on and you will see the image of a body with colors around it.

Step 6: If you want more effects, you can choose the 0.5 speed from the options.

Step 7: Now, start recording with your phone using the Reality Ripple Filter and check whether you find any ghost in your home or wherever you are.


So this all about the ghost filter in TikTok, you can use it and enjoy but don’t start believing like there is something scary around you. Also, you can import some videos on TikTok and edit them to add more effects. You can use some basic techniques and create transitions and layers to your videos.

So actually there is not just a single way to get the ghost filter. To use them more you need to explore TikTok more. Keep on finding new ways to make videos and put unique ideas in them. Happy TikToking!!

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