How You Can Mute Yourself in a WebEx Meeting?

WebEx is a multi-functional desktop Video/Audio call application. It permits you to meet with anybody, anyplace, continuously from your office or home, for whatever length of time that you have Internet access on your PC or on the other hand have the WebEx portable application introduced for your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry.

WebEx Meeting Center for Windows and Mac highlight HD video and online talk, as well as the entirety of the instruments you have to share introductions, what’s more, desktop applications, compose on online whiteboards, what’s more, make annotations.

WebEx permits clients to have or take an interest in video conferencing, online meetings, and screen sharing, with up to 1,000 members permitted in a virtual meeting room. A meeting can be participated in various manners by means of the WebEx desktop, web, and mobile apps. You likewise have the alternative to download a desktop application that can be utilized to join meetings without the need to visit the website.

You can pick whether to utilize the web application or desktop application as your default technique for joining meetings from the Tufts WebEx site’s home screen. You also get admittance to scheduling tools, meeting recordings, support, and more.

What does WebEx Offer?

WebEx has a wide exhibit of offers accessible to clients. Such a significant number of that it can get overpowering for learners. Here is the clear idea to offer a more clear thought of the worth WebEx gives.

Video Conferencing

This is the main contribution of the organization and has been a top video conferencing platform for a long time. Along with HD video, screen sharing, and meeting recording, you’ll likewise find that it’s anything but difficult to take an interest in or even host meetings via the WebEx application.


You can also host a webinar using WebEx with max 3000 attendees. The features include polling, Q&As, and text chat. You will get webinar tools like whiteboarding, content sharing, and screen sharing, etc.


WebEx Training makes it simpler than at any other time to instruct from over the world. Moderators can share introductions, train through an advanced whiteboard, and even record meetings to develop a library of assets.

Remote Support

WebEx Support is one of the most hearty remote help arrangements available as it encourages you lower working costs, resolves issues quicker, and give ongoing assistance to anybody on the planet.


You can without much of stretch schedule meetings, hold online meetings by means of chat, use whiteboards, and share documents in this sole programming. There’s no better UI around to permit you to join meetings in the snap of a button.

Cloud Calling

WebEx Calling gives the key features that you’d hope to find in a viable cloud-based arrangement. The software supports holding, dialing, resuming, forwarding, transferring, and do-not-disturb mode.

How to Mute Yourself While in a WebEx Meeting?

Nobody needs to hear background noise in a WebEx Teams call or meeting. You can mute yourself with the goal that everybody can focus on what’s being talked about. Getting yourself muted while in a meeting is not a big task. All you need is to follow the basic steps.

Step 1: Go to the WebEx meeting window.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Microphone’ icon that you can see at the bottom left control bar. Doing so will turn off your mic.

Step 3: There is also a keyboard shortcut for doing so. Press Ctrl+m to mute/unmute yourself on WebEx in no time.


You can anytime unmute yourself if needed. You have to just tap again on the ‘Microphone’ icon.

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