WORKING FIX: Hulu Keeps Buffering

Hulu is one of the most famous streaming services around, and there are valid justifications for that. With a broad library of TV shows, motion pictures, and a lot of unique substances, there’s no lack of advantages. But you may see some errors also.

Why Does Hulu Keep Buffering?

There is no specific reason for Hulu buffering, but as per the experts and Hulu users, there is some reason that might cause the problem. One of the main reasons can be that application is not processed correctly. There are chances that some error files might be causing the video buffering or there might be a problem with the device configuration.

Sometimes the problem arises because of the usage of outdated applications or if there is a lack of system update. Or it might be possible that the internet speed is slow on your device.

How to fix Hulu Keeps Buffering?

Now as you got the basic knowledge about the reason for the Hulu buffering, here we can discuss the solutions for the same. Let’s begin.

Check the Updates

If you run the Hulu application or the device on outdated OS versions, it will show you the buffering error. The problem you will face is because of the compatibility with Hulu’s latest services. To solve the issue, you have to install the latest updates that are available for the application. There is no need to download the updates for your browser as the new technology browsers can updates automatically as soon as they found any latest updates for the browser itself. If you want to check the application updates, you can check the app store or the system settings. And if you have enabled auto-update, Hulu will update automatically.

Clear the Application Cache

The application might have some broken or corrupted cache files. These corrupted files can result in Hulu buffering. So to solve the issue, you have to clear the application caches. To do so you should go to the settings and tap on the application. Then search for Hulu and open it. Now tap on the clear cache or clear data option there.

Clear Browser Cache

Sometimes the error could be because of the cache files of your browser. These cache files can be the result of unlimited website surfing. So you must time to time clear the cache data from your browser. To do so, you have to open your browser and tap on the settings bar option. Now you have to select the settings/ options from the drop-down menu list. From the options tap on privy and settings. There you will see cookies and data, then you have to tap on the clear data option.

Check Your Internet Connection

If you are having a poor internet connection, then it might be a reason for Hulu to keep the buffering problem. Poor internet connection can result in poor video quality. So you should check your internet connection and make sure no other device connected to the network that might be the reason for the slow internet connection and Hulu buffering.

Change the Browser

Finally, if none of the fixes works, you are only left with the option to change your browser. In many cases, the browser used by the users is the reason for video buffering in Hulu. The browser you are using might be having some bad data that is creating the problem. So the solution is changing the browser you are using. Trying Hulu on other browsers might solve the Hulu buffering problem.

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These were some fixes that will solve Hulu keeps buffering issues. You can try the fixes one by one and get rid of the error.

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