iMessage For PC – Windows, Mac & Android

iMessage is an instant messaging app designed exclusively for Apple devices(iPhone, iPod). It is more like a text message on your phone except Using iMessage you can create group conversations, stickers, emojis, photos, videos, and more. You can text over WiFi to anyone on the other side using iMessage.

iMessage liven up the normal text message using inbuilt effects such as you can create your emojis to match your personality and mood.  you can express your emotions by adding personal touch using full screen, bubbles, and more camera effects. Make your conversations more interactive by sending live photos, videos, and audio with this app.

If you want to use iMessage with Non-Apple Devices such as windows or Android then, unfortunately, there is no official app to do this but yes there are some tools or emulators available that help you to use iMessage for PC. Here in this article, we will give you a quick guide to get iMessage on your PC(Mac, Windows) and mobile device (Android, iOS).

iMessage For Mac

With Apple ID you automatically get iMessage service on all your Apple devices. So what you need to do is to just set up the messaging app on Mac by following some simple steps

  • Open the Messages App on your Mac from the application folder. you can also search directly using “Command+Space”
  • Enter the Apple ID details and sign in. if it’s not there “Create new Apple ID” using Sign up at the bottom.
  • To use iMessage, Go to “Preferences ” in the “Messages” menu bar and select “iMessage” tab
  • Start having a conversation using the email address or the phone number of the recipient.

Also, You can also use your all-time favorite “Siri” with macOS Sierra or Later to read, reply, or send the messages. You can log in iMessage using only a single apple ID at once. you cant access multiple accounts simultaneously.

iMessage For PC

There are honestly no full-proof ways to get iMessage on PC But some potential methods are available that can provide a way to set up iMessage on your PC.

1. Through Chrome Remote Desktop

The easiest way to get iMessage on a Linux or Windows computer is through Chrome Remote Desktop. For this, you will need a Mac to create the environment. This feature creates a remote connection between Mac and your Computer to access iMessage.

Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop on both Computers

  • Download and Install both Chrome Browser and Chrome Remote Desktop app on Mac as well as your Computer
  • Sign in To your Google Account. Authorize and add the Chrome Remote Desktop app to the browser.
  • Tap on the app and click on “Enable Remote Connections”
  • on Mac, Install, and Run Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer
  • Open the App and create a 6-Digit Security PIN. This pin will be used to connect to the other computer.

Access Mac Using Another Computer

  • Open the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your PC and under ‘My Computer’ Find ‘Mac’
  • Click ‘Get Started’ and establish a connection by double click on Your Mac Name.
  • Enter the security PIN and connect. Now you can remotely access your Mac on PC and use the iMessage app.

To Disconnect, Simply click on the “Stop Sharing” button displayed on the bottom of your screen.

To Uninstall Chrome Remote Desktop From Mac

  • Open application folder and Launch Chrome Remote Desktop uninstaller app.
  • Enter the Admin Password and click Uninstall
  • Now, open the chrome browser, and from the app list remove this app from google account.

There are both Pros and cons of using this method. you always need to keep your Mac ON whenever you want to use the iMessage app on other Computer. Not even a sleep mode will work for this. But it will allow other users to access computer securely over the internet. The connection set up using Chrome Remote desktop is fully secure.

2. Access iMessage by Jailbreaking

Another method to access iMessage on your computer is to jailbreak your phone. Make sure to back up all the content on your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes before applying the Jailbreak technique. This method improves the flexibility of iOS hence maximize its functionalities and eliminate the restrictions imposed by Apple.

  • Download the “Cydia” app and install it. this app works as an alternate to Apple app store on the ‘Jailbroken’ Devices.
  • Now, Download and Run the jailbreaking software on your computer either Mac or Windows
  • After the OS is successfully installed, find “Cydia” which is your App store
  • Now, through Cydia and purchase an app called ‘Remote messages‘ and iMessage will be available online.
  • Authenticate your device and enter the IP address of your iPhone (.333) and login to get full access to iMessage.

Jailbreaking the iPhone is not recommended because it violates the warranty period as well as the warranty of any additional in-app purchase of Apple Care. It also creates loopholes that lead to a high risk of bugs, malware, or any other security breaches.

3. Use iPadian- a Free Emulator

iOs emulators can be one of the solutions to get iMessage on PC. These emulators help to run iOS applications on Windows. one of the most popular emulators available online is – iPadian.

  • Download and install an iPadian emulator on your PC.
  • Launch the emulator by accepting the applicable terms and conditions
  • Open the emulator and search for iMessage in the search bar and download it.
  • Install the app and run iMessage on your PC. Now you will have free access to use iMessage

iPadian is also used to play iOS games that do not run on android applications. so anyone who wants to enjoy iOS games but do not have iPhone or Mac then iPadian is an option to go for. And also regular updates and bug fixes make the app work smoothly without interrupting user’s experience with new iOS.

4. Recover iMessage History

Thre are some third-party apps available that help to access iMessage history on your PC. These apps allow you to access all the existing messages on PC and also recovers deleted iMessage on Your iPhone. One of such an app is ‘Free iPhone Data Recovery

  • Download the Free iPhone Data Recovery app on your PC and Launch it.
  • Connect iPhone with your PC using a USB cable
  • On your PC, Select Message and attachments and click ‘Next’ to Continue
  • iMessage scanning will start and all the messages including deleted will be recovered and displayed
  • You can select desired chats and messages and save them on your PC

5. Get Notification on PC using PushBullet

To connect Apple device to PC, using ‘Pushbullet‘ is also a very convenient way. if you are working on your computer for long hours and notifications on your phone distracts you then get this app on your PC and enjoy all the benefits of iOS iMessage. you can send texts, get the phone notifications, have conversations with your colleagues while working on your PC. It removes the gap by creating a bridge between iOs and Windows.

6. Other Instant Messaging App

Through all the above-explained methods it is clear that iMessage can not be used directly on PC.  we will always need third party support to fulfill our task. So it’s better to use alternatives of iMessage itself which can be directly used on your PC. Most Popular alternatives include Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc. These are simple, user-friendly, and widely used apps.

Whatsapp Messenger: It is the most popular messaging app used by almost everyone. Any android phone, iPhone is incomplete without Whatsapp. it is not only limited to smartphones but can also be used over desktop. we can also use Whatsapp on the browser by visiting its official website “Whatsapp web” and all the WhatsApp content related to your account will be displayed on your PC screen.  you can send text messages, make audio calls, video calls, and everything that can be done through WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger: Now as WhatsApp is also an official part of Facebook but Facebook has its original messaging app called Messenger. Using Messanger, one can make calls and messages, can add Tapback to the message, make group calls, group chats, and much more.

Spike: Spike is also an alternate to iMessage that works over your existing email service and provides you all the benefits of iMessage. You just need to download Spike on your PC and log in using your email ID and enjoy reliable and cross-platform access on Android, PC, and web.

Is it Possible to use iMessage on Windows 10?

The fan following for iOS devices is continuously gearing up. If you too are using iPhone then you might be facing problems while checking messages on your iPhone all day when you work on a Windows 10 system. It might interrupt your workflow as you have to use two devices at the same time.

iMessage is outstanding amongst other informing administration gave by Apple. With the assistance of numerous apparatuses and emulators, it is currently conceivable to download iMessage for Windows 10 PC. Presently to iMessage Windows App is anything but difficult to get and utilize. Along these lines, the inquiry is the manner by which to download iMessage to utilize its astounding messaging features on Windows 10. But sometime you may need to resolve Tap to Download issue in iMessage. But that’s will be solved with few tricks.

iMessage For Windows 10

iMessage is extraordinary compared to other messaging services gave by Apple. It is the most famous and most used messaging application, good with all the Apple gadgets. It has increased moment popularity among Apple clients as well as even with other Android clients who need to get iMessage for PC Windows 10. In spite of the fact that there is no official iMessage application for Windows clients. But there are tricks available that you can use to connect your iMessage with windows 10 PC.

The excellence here is that these tricks and techniques aren’t bolted to simply utilizing iMessage. You can do for the most part anything on your Mac utilizing Chrome Remote Desktop, regardless of whether you’re browsing email, introducing applications from the App Mac Store, tuning in to music through iTunes, and then some. Messing around, in any case, isn’t suggested. We should begin on the most proficient method to use iMessage on Windows 10.

iMessage for Android

iMessage can not be directly used on Android phones but there is one way around. There are many potential applications available on Google Play store that can act as an alternate for iMessage and provide all the features that can be used over iMessage efficiently. One of the available applications is weMessage.

First, you need to set Up a weMessage application on Mac. For this

  • Download and Launch the weMessage Program on Mac. Make sure you already have java installed on Mac
  • Open the weMessage folder and launch the program by double click on run.command file
  • Enter the credentials used for iMessage

Now, set up weMessage on Android

  • Go to Play Store and Download weMessage app
  • Allow weMessage to access your texts and proceed further
  • Now to connect weMessage to Mac, Open weMessage app and enter the Mac IP address in the required field
  • Sign in using iMessage credentials and Done.

iMessage for iPhone

Step 1: Initially just open the app settings.

Step 2: Then, tap on the Apple ID Account.

Step 3: Now you need to tap on iCloud.

Step 4: If not set, Toggle on the Messages. It will be shown as green.


Indeed, you are finished with syncing up of iMessage for PC by utilizing any of the above-mentioned techniques. You can now handle the message and also send Location using iMessage. All strategies are anything but difficult to follow and will let you appreciate all the great and elite highlights that were only a fantasy for PC clients to utilize. So regardless of whether you are not an iOS client, you get an opportunity to utilize the iMessage include due to this emulator.

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