How to Fix Instagram Not Posting Photos?

If we talk about the present scenario, Instagram is the most loved photo and video sharing platform and approximately people of every age are using the platform for sharing their photos and videos with their close ones. And when it is about engagement, Instagram stands on top of all the social media channels.

But along with too many benefits, the mistakes in using the platform cannot be avoided. Among all the errors the most common is that sometimes the platform doesn’t allow users to post any content like photos or videos. And when it does so, users find it very problematic and irritating.

If you too are facing the issue, let me tell you the reason and the method you can use to fix Instagram not posting photos issue on your phone. Let’s know them one by one.

Can You Fix Instagram Not Posting Photos Problem?

There are various reasons because of which you face Instagram not posting photos issues. Here we are listing the reasons and fixes to solve the issue on your own.

Cache Files

We use Instagram mostly on our smartphones, which leads the app to load with numerous amount of cache files. When the cache file increases, it creates a problem with the app. This might be the reason for your Instagram showing issues. So, you have to clear the cache files from your smartphone. It will somehow solve the issues without moving to any other step.

Network Connectivity

The most obvious reason that Instagram is not allowing to post photos or other content might be that you are having a poor internet connection. It’s the most common but the weirdest issue many users face. To get it solved you can check your interconnection. You can also try enabling the airplane mode and again disable it. It will refresh the network and you might become able to post photos on Instagram.


One of the big reasons that your Instagram is not allowing you to post any photos is that it must be facing a shortage of space. It might be possible that the storage capacity of your phone might be got full and the app is not getting space to run properly. So in order to solve the issue, you have to clear some internal space on your phone. You can delete the unnecessary application that you have installed on your phone and not using them anymore. After doing this you can try posting photos on Instagram.

Instagram Update

There are chances that your Instagram app is not updated to the recent version. If you don’t update your Instagram or other apps, the chances of facing such issues increase more and more. It is very evident that an application that isn’t updated for some time is tainted with various bugs and malignant files. So to solve the issue, you have to check and update your Instagram app.

Instagram Server

This a very rare case but you may face it too. Yet, you can’t overlook the way that the team of Instagram every so often holds Instagram down for several hours for maintenance reasons. What’s more, in the event that you begin posting your photographs in the middle of these hours, at that point you won’t have the option to post the photos on your news feed.

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Instagram not posting photos is a common and unavoidable problem that many users face. But you can easily fix the issue with the above-said methods.

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