How to Fix Invalid MMI Code?

Many times while using your phone when you enter a USSD code, you get a message like a connection problem or invalid MMI Code. It is quite common when you run a USSD Code to check your data balance. It’s a significant issue which influences the telephones bringing about monumental a few limitations while sending and receiving text messages and calls, checking account balance, recharging mobile number, etc.

What Does Invalid MMI Code Mean?

Before knowing the invalid MMI code, you must understand what MMI code is. MMI Code resembles Man-Machine Interface. Whenever you enter a code in your phone that starts with an asterisk (*) and ends with a hash (#), it is called MMI code. We usually do it in order to check our phone data balance. And sometimes when we enter the code, we see a message like the code is Invalid. And that’s when we call it an invalid MMI Code.

These MMI codes are relegated different orders from energizing your telephone parity to checking your IMEI number. Albeit all these MMI codes appear to be comparative, they are basically of many types like Supplementary Service (SS) Code, USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Codes, Manufacturer-defined MMI Codes, etc.

How to Fix When You See An Invalid MMI Code?

Here are a few methods that will help you resolve the invalid MMI Code error. Have a look at them.

Disabling the App

It can be considered one of the easy methods to solve the invalid MMI Code error. Sometimes there is some app that is creating error. All you can do it if you have recently downloaded an app, just delete it and if the MMI code is working. But if you don’t know which app is creating a problem, you can just enter into safe mode. To be in the safe mode you have to switch off your phone. Then hold the power button continuously and tap constantly on the menu button. This way you will enter into the safe mode. And as you are in safe mode, try dialing the MMI Code and if it’s running in the safe mode, the problem is with the app. Then after that just reboot your phone and delete the app.

Adding comma or Plus to the number

Another way to solve the invalid MMI Code is that you can add either a comma or a plus sign along with the code you are entering. Using a comma or plus sign will force the activity and encounter if there is an error.

Turning on SMS

In order to fix the invalid MMI code, you have to just enter into the device information mode and activate the radio to turn on SMS over IMS. To do is just type the code *#*#4636#*#* and go to your device’s information. Then you will need to click on run ping test option and after that just tap on turn off the radio. Then finally tap on Turn on SMS over IMS.

Restarting Your Phone

Restarting your phone can work for fixing any kind of error. And here if you want to solve an invalid MMI code error, you can just use the trick. You have to restart your phone multiple times and check if it’s working or not.

These were some tips that will surely help you in finding the fixes for invalid MMI code errors.

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