How To Jailbreak Nintendo Switch?

If you about to Jailbreak the Nintendo Switch, let me tell you that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However if you successfully do it, you can perform quite many interesting things. You can play retro games, you can browse online using unofficial browsers. It is not recommended for everyone as there is a lot of risks involved in it. But if you really want to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch, below I have shared the complete method.

Can You Jailbreak a Nintendo Switch?

On account of the Nintendo Switch, jailbreaking permits you to introduce informal Switch applications and games. While the determination accessible at the hour of composing isn’t broad, it’s still generally early days and gives those that need to venture out with the chance to play retro games informally on the reassure. In case you’re simply available for cool new games to play, investigate the best Nintendo Switch games at the present time.

Is there Risk Involved in Jailbreaking Nintendo Switch?

The greatest danger of jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch is bricking. While there aren’t numerous reports of escapes bricking the Nintendo Switch framework, it is a chance because of the way that most escapes change the working framework somehow or another. Jailbreaking is likewise against Nintendo’s T&Cs, which means on the off chance that you do block your comfort, Nintendo won’t supplant it. Jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch will void the guarantee, however, we’re not at present sure if there’s a route for Nintendo to tell if the comfort is jailbroken separated from by assessing it truly. Because of the issues referenced above, we wouldn’t suggest jailbreaking your essential Nintendo Switch console.

How To Jailbreak Nintendo Switch?

There are some methods that will help you in jailbreaking Nintendo Switch. But when it comes to the easiest way, using the Homebrew launcher is the best. It’s undoubtedly the easiest way to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch. In this method, you will not need any PC or Mac to twist the operating system.  What all you need is just a laptop, a microSD card, and of course your Nintendo Switch. So, let’s get to know the step by step method to Jailbreak your Nintendo Switch but will be possible only if your Nintendo Switch is running firmware 3.0.0

Step 1: First of all you will need to download the latest version of nx-hbmenu from Github.

Step 2: Then you have to copy hbmenu.nro on your SD card’s root menu.

Step 3: Now, you should insert the SD Card into the Nintendo Switch.

Step 4: Then, you should move to the connection settings and manually set the DNS server.

Step 5: After that, you will see a prompt message and when you see it, just enter the DNS and you must then try a connection test.

Step 6: Now you should tap on the Install option.

Step 7: Then just restart your Nintendo Switch and try to run another connection test.

Step 8: Finally, you will have to tap on the Run option.

After some time that you run the connection test, you will see 2000-1337 on the screen. It means the installation process is now finished. After you confirm, you can move to the home menu and tap on the album icon in order to browse the homebrew apps and games.


There are also more methods to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch but they all require major risks. So you must stick to the mentioned method only. It’s a foolproof and proven method.

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