12 Best Karaoke Apps on Appstore & Playstore

All the music lovers will agree that music is the only thing that helps us to forget all our troubles and bad things in life. In the past time, Karaoke was the most entertaining among friends and family. This was the place where we get to replace the voice of a singer. But it involves so many different gadgets which are always not a feasible option for many of us. Those people who love singing and want to sing like a pop star, for them, we have stewarded the list of Best Karaoke Apps for Android and iPhone. These apps will surely, helps an individual to forget about their bad moments in their life and make them good singers with quality skills.

Best Karaoke Apps For Android

Karaoke is the thing that is available in most of the parties. Many people love the company of Karaoke in bars and clubs, on the other hand, many of them will just hate it. It depends upon the taste of the people, but Karaoke is an awesome thing for those who enjoy it. Here is the list of 06 Best Karaoke Apps for Android users:-

Smule – The Social Singing App-

This is the most stunning and best app for Karaoke in Android phones. It is considered as one of the most beloved and highly downloaded apps in the field of Karaoke. In the following app, one will get to find out many new songs which can be sung and we can also make our new songs. To create beautiful and creative videos, many filters are available there for you. The main feature of this app is pitch correction which helps you to maintain your voice during singing. To have more fun, another feature of the essential app is that we can make a duet with our friends and family. On the platform of Karaoke, all Karaoke lovers can perform live at parties for your fans. The app is on the top of the list among all other ones as it has pretty and classy features.

Karaoke by Yokee-

The second most cool and the app having many benefits are there. Millions of songs are available on the app to get played by you. If one is passionate about singing, then this Karaoke app is waiting for you. Go and download the app now. A lot of features includes pitch corrector like lyrics on the screen. The app is here to make you famous with your singing skills. There are so many filters available in the app.

Karaoke Online by Aloha-

In a single touch, one can easily find a lot of songs in this Karaoke App. The app is fully supported by the voice search feature that offers you fast and accurate services. The main function regarding this app is that we can watch videos of lyrics while singing. A lot of filters are available are here for a sweeter and harmonious voice. Recording can also be done while performing various singing skills. Overall, it is a good app for Karaoke.


Let’s become a star performer with the best Karaoke App, Star-maker. The platform where you can share your excellent videos and can grow your talent. One can easily become famous on the app with 500+ million people are using it in their daily routine. Every song that comes in your mind is easily available on this app. The people who are fond of both International and Regional songs would be benefited from the following app. Because of its multiple features, it is one of the best apps for Karaoke.

SlingPlayer: Karaoke your Mp3-  

Here we go with another app which is a beautifully designed app among all. While using or making videos, this is an app that looks very pretty due to its user interface which is considered ad very attractive. In this app, one can create a list of the songs of your favorite artists so that you can find them easily whenever required. A vast library of songs is also applicable there. Without any hassle, the app ensures power to you to create Karaoke with your amazing talent from your phone as well. You will also get to enjoy the big collection of genres.

Sing Karaoke Online by Go Studio-

A Karaoke lover can use the “Sing Karaoke Online by Go Studio” app to their best. This is the only app that is based on videos. To show your Karaoke talent to your friends and family, while watching videos, the user can sing and also record. Very easy to use and friendly app. Their songs library is always updated with new songs and tunes. To entertain you, it has a good collection of the latest songs.

Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone & iPad-

In case you have an iPhone or iPad, we have listed some Best Karaoke Apps for iPhone and iPad that can be downloaded for Karaoke lovers-

Sing! Karaoke By Smule- 

In this digital world, Smule is the branded app that develops the most used musical apps. Sing! is one of the best app developed by Smule. The app is featured with the best collection of the latest songs. Variety of audio effects in the app along with recording yourself while singing is the best feature of the app. You’re able to perform duets and group performances to present in front of friends and family. The app is fully available for free without in-app purchases. To buy the entire library of the latest songs, one has to take membership fees that range to $10 for a year.


A real-time Karaoke app, including various features of voice-processing and auto-tuning. The app possesses the feature of editing the pitch of the singer as per the requirement of the song.  It has five vocal effects packs that make your voice more clear and audible by modifying it attractively and makes sound according to the song needs. A seven-day trial is available for all the new users so that they can embrace their experience of it before buying it. The monthly and yearly subscriptions are available as per the user’s ease.


On the free app and millions of downloads on a digital platform for Karaoke is Starmaker. This app will be the right choice for you if you want to add songs of your choice instead of the songs available in their library. You can share your recordings, music tracks, videos, and many more through this app across the world. Similar to YouTube, you’ll also be enabled with live streaming where you can perform your talent watched live by your followers. It also promotes one different feature from other apps that one new song will be unlocked for you on every Karaoke you made. The app is free, including in-app purchases to remove ads and access to a wide range of latest songs.


This app is currently the most-downloaded app for Karaoke on the Play Store and iTunes. An extensive range of collection of Karaoke tracks is available on the app. Also, ensures the users record the voice while singing. The app consists of music, categorized for your convenience: rock, hip-hop, classic, rap, country, romantic, kids. The app is also featured with a social interface where one can connect with other users and also, trace out their tracks.


The app is available for $1. This is one of the apps that ensures how well you sing while having fun at the same time. You can sing your favorite songs along with various artists, and on the other hand, choose to record your voice only. For amateur Karaoke Singer’s, iSing is the app all you need to enhance your voice, or if you have to prepare your upcoming performances. Users can access to iTunes Library.

Red Karaoke-

One of the best apps for Karaoke is Red Karaoke which is beneficial for throwing house parties. If a Karaoke user wishes to connect your Karaoke to your Apple TV, and you want lyrics to display, this app is the right option for you. A large number of audiences along with extensive library options are generated through this app. It arrives with the many different options of purchasing weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions.


There are available many Karaoke apps on the play store as well as the app store. If you directly move on to the play store, users can find a lot of non-functional Karaoke apps. To save your time and efforts, we have provided a detailed list of the best Karaoke Apps for Android iPhone. If an individual requires a simple database like YouTube, you can go for an Online Karaoke app but on the other side, if you have the potential that many followers reach your recordings, you should prefer Smule or Red Karaoke app.

If you want offline touch for Karaoke, you can be benefited from the Midifun app. Also, the Sing play app can be used if you want to create any Karaoke music which is not available anywhere. Many apps work online as well as offline. It depends upon the user’s requirement, which type of app they want to prefer.

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