11 Best Ludo Game Apps for Android & iPhone

Ludo is a popular indoor game and the most loved board game for years and is even played by people all around the world despite any age. In my opinion, it is the first indoor game that as a kid we have learned to play and we play it with joy till now.

Best Ludo Game Apps for Android & iPhone

Let me tell you if you are not aware of the same that Ludo can be played on your mobile phone in online and offline mode too. Most of the people have passed their time in the lockdown period by playing Ludo Online. So let’s begin our list and discuss some Best 11 Ludo Apps that can be downloaded on your android or ios phone.

1. Ludo King –

This game enjoys a rating of 4.1 and is available for both Android and Apple users.  It is a Ludo board game and it can be played by a maximum of 6 players at a time and minimum 2. The game has an Auto Bot option which activates automatically if you forget to play your chance when the desired time runs out. Thus it prevents the opponent players from cheating and supports a fair game. The game also has an option of offline mode in which you can compete with the computer. You can also play online randomly connecting with any people sitting in any corner of the world.

The app also allows you to invite your friends and play with them by creating a private room. All you have to do is share the code of private room with your friend and your friend has to enter it in the game. As soon as he enters, you two are players of the game. Don’t forget that Ludo King also has 7 different gameboard variations of Snake and Ladders.

2. Ludo Classic –

This ludo game was earlier available on only Google Play Store and not on ios but now apple users can also download it. The game is much popular among Android users as compared to Apple users as it is new to them. As the name suggests, it is a classic Ludo game and has powerful Artificial Intelligence that rolls the dice unpredictably. The game can be played both in online and offline mode. You can play with your friends in offline mode but if you are playing with your friends in a private room then you need to be online. Plus, you can play with random people by clicking play online.

3. Ludo Championship –

It offers you a variety of boards to chose from and play the game on it. The game is available for both android and ios users. The game has battles and championships running within and if you win the same then you get to earn gold coins which can be used to upgrade the game further. It supports a maximum of 4 players and is a nice classic Ludo game. This Ludo game also supports  16 different languages and online, offline mode both.

4. Ludo Party –

If you want to download a Ludo game that has astonishing graphics then you must go for Ludo Party. The game can be downloaded by both android and ios users. This ludo game has 3D graphics and cool animations that make it more interesting and entertaining to play.

The game has smart Artificial Intelligence that makes your game more interesting as it is the only Ludo game that offers you 3 Computer Players if you want to play a 4 player match. You can also invite your friends in this game and it has a user-friendly interface. The game has 6 different maps that offer you a variety to play.

5. Ludo Club –

Like all other ludo games, this game also has the same features as it is available for both Android and Apple users and can be played in online and offline mode. It also allows you to invite your friends. But what makes it different is the data usage. This game makes a claim that it requires fewer data and can even be played in a slow data connection or 2G connection.

6. Ludo Star –

Trust me, this is my favorite Ludo game and it is the only one that competes with the standards of Ludo King. Now, telling about the features the game is free to download and has amazing and numerous dice collections that need to be unlocked by achieving some targets. You get to earn coins within the game and you can earn up to 50k coins per day that will help you in the game further. The game connects you to random people if you click on Online 1 on 1 option, there are two players in this match and you can chat with your opponent and can even express your feelings by using emojis. The game also has some nice and unique sticker collection and they can be used while playing. Coins earned are redeemed against the stickers.

The game supports a maximum of 4 players and you can play with your friends by sharing the private room id. If you run out of data then you can play offline competing with the computer. You can download it from Google Play Store and Apple Store. This game is no doubt very nice to play in but it consumes a high quantity of data and runs on high data connectivity. In addition to data consumption drawback, it also lacks behind Ludo King as it doesn’t have Snakes & Ladders board game on it.

7. Ludo Neo-Classic

Ludo Neo-Classic stands different from others in terms of design and features. The app offers a great combination of classic and new modern designs. You get to play on a wooden board just like the classic one or on a white background just like the latest one. The game offers you various customization options for themes, the color of dice, rolling of dice, etc.  It allows you to change the dice color as per your preferences as well. You can customize the dice mode and rolling features as well. The app offers online and offline mode just like all other apps. And despite having the latest designs and features, it is a very lightweight app and can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store.

8. Ludo Bing

Ludo Bing is good in all aspects as it runs on 2G,3G, and 4G connections. So if you have a slow data connection on your phone but are eager to play ludo online then you can download on your phone may be android or apple both. Just like other apps, it also has a multiplayer mode wherein a maximum of 4 players can join on a table. You can also play with your friends in a private room by sharing the code of it. The game also has some nice classic themes and colorful dices to roll. You can also indulge in a private chat with your opponent and get to know each other.

Emojis can also be used to depict your emotions. The game can be synchronized with Facebook and you can invite your Facebook friends to compete with you in a match of Ludo. The game also overcomes your boredom if you run out of data and even do not have any sort of WiFi. As it has an offline mode where you can play with the computer and pass your time.

9. Ludo 3D Multiplayer

It is somewhat different from others as it is a 3D one. While playing this game of Ludo, you feel like you are actually playing in real at your home. The game supports 10 different languages and has online and offline mode just like all other Ludo Apps. You can compete online with other players in a 2 Player or 4 Player match or can even play offline by having a computer as your opponent.

Apart from the 3D feature, this Ludo app also stands different from others when it comes to characters and dices. The app has some unique and cool collection of characters such as bear, snowman, platypus, and croc. Pick your favorite one and start playing!!!

10. Ludo 2019

This app of Ludo supports 11 different languages which also includes foreign languages like Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese other than English in common. The app can only be downloaded by android users from Google Play Store. Coming to the features, this game has online and offline mode both. Online mode connects you with real online players from anywhere in the world, making them your opponent while in offline mode you get to play with computers that work on Artificial Intelligence.

The game supports the classic game of ludo and has an autosave option. In most of the Ludo apps, you can only play a 2 player match in offline mode but this app gives you 3 computer players to play with i.e. You can play a 4 player match in offline mode too. You can even choose your level of difficulty for the online, offline mode both. The easy, normal, and difficult are the different options available for the same.

11. Ludo Master

This game is recently developed and is available for Android users only. The game can be played in online multiplayer or local multiplayer mode. The friends can be invited for a match via Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. You just have to create a private room and share the code with your friends. When they enter the given code, you come on a table of Ludo as opponents of each other. Offline mode lets you play against the computer and improves your skill and also saves your data usage. This app has a daily lucky wheel. Spinning the same days will fetch you some rewards in the form of coins that can be used to move ahead in the game. Playing ludo on this app is surely going to provide you an entertaining experience.


Read all the details of respective apps and download the one that suits you best. Let us know about your choice on our site.

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