13 Trending Meal Planning Apps For a Healthy Diet

People these days are very much conscious about their physique and body structure but they are least spared with free time to indulge in some kind of outdoor physical activity. One thing we all can do easily to maintain ourselves to focus on our diet. Various people spend a heavy amount of money on personal dieticians or nutritionists to indulge in healthy eating or to lose weight.

But, we have come up with an article that is going to save your time and money by letting you know about different meal planning apps. These apps plan the meals according to your taste, weight loss goals, allergies, etc. and can be customized easily. Please read the complete article to pick the best app and get ready to indulge in healthy eating.

Best Meal Planning Apps For a Healthy Diet

1. Lose It

The name of this app itself indicates its quality, it helps you to lose weight and accomplish your weight loss goals. The app is user friendly and is easy to use. When you download it for the first time, it gives you a questionnaire in which you need to provide correct answers related to your weight, BMI, weight loss target, etc. On the basis of information provided by you, it customizes a diet plan for you that includes the least calorie intake.

It also helps you to keep a count on your calories and monitor your weight also. Once your meal plan is set up, you can start logging food. It can be done by scanning the barcode on your food or taking a photo of your food with the “Snap It” feature. The food database on it has more than 7 million food items. To evaluate your eating habits, it generates a daily and weekly report. The app also c=shows the changes in your weight with the help of a graph.

2. Platejoy

Most of the people find following a diet plan really difficult as it is a very cumbersome process for many. They are of the view that to eat healthily, you need to buy a long list of groceries and then cook for hours to make the best of it. To save time and energy, people are in a habit of taking away from restaurants or they just defrost a frozen meal in the microwave. But that only makes your stomach full and does not have any nutrients into it. But this app solves your problem. It customizes a meal plan for you and that too designed by nutritionists and professional chefs. It also provides you a list of groceries that will be needed in cooking that particular meal.

So you need not waste your time searching for it. Keeping your comfort in mind, this meal planning app also allows you to opt for home delivery of groceries by signing up on InstaCart. You can avail of all of this by buying a monthly subscription at $8. Before making a meal plan, it asks about your taste preferences, health and fitness goals, dietary restrictions, allergies, and schedule. Once you have answered all the questions correctly, your meal plan is ready with hundreds of compliant recipes that include from keto to paleo to vegan and more.

3. Fooducate

People who aren’t well aware of meal plans and have the least knowledge about nutrition, exercise, and wellness, will be overwhelmed by downloading and using this app. As it is the one for beginners to nutrition experts. It focuses on healthy eating and integrates new healthy habits into your lifestyle. It stands different from others as while using it you can not only track calories but you can also track the quality of calories that you have taken which is an essential factor in healthy eating.

It also has a barcode scanner that examines information in the nutrition panels to look for components such as added sugars, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, GMOs, and more. Each time you have your meal, you get a grade (A, B, C, or D) based on your health status and goals. It also keeps monitoring your sleeping time, exercises done, hunger level, etc.

4. Paprika

This app can be used by both android and ios users by paying a lifetime fee of $5.99. It does not have default recipes and menus rather it gives you an option to structure the meal plan of your own with minimal support. It allows you to save your favorite recipes and make a grocery list of ingredients needed in the same. If two or more recipes need the same groceries then it consolidates the grocery list and saves your time. It keeps the screen turned on while you are working on a dish and also detects timer directions. The app has some drawbacks also. It does not notify you when you click on the same URL from where you have already cooked a meal and it also does not give nutritional information unless you enter the details manually or draw nutrition data from the original recipe webpage.

5. Mealime

It is a user friendly that gives the option to customize your meals according to your interest and liking and is available for both android and ios users. Once you have entered your preference of food, you will get recipes of the same which can be prepared in a time of 45 minutes, and photos after each step of cooking are also there to let you know how your dish will look like. It also manages the grocery list for you. The drawback of using it is it offers a limited list of recipes. Its pro version can be used by users by paying a monthly subscription of $5.99 or a yearly subscription of $49.99.

6. Plan to Eat

The name itself depicts the significance of this app. It helps you to create your meals that are high in nutrition and fiber and free from carbs and fats. If you search for a recipe or meal then it shows you full nutritional information of it. Adding recipes to the weekly calendar-style planner will automatically create an organized grocery list. It also allows you to share your meals and recipe information with your friends over social media. It can be used by both android and ios users free for 30 days but to avail long term benefit you have to buy a monthly subscription by paying $4.95 or $39 for a year.

7. Yummly

According to your taste and preference, you can browse recipes on this app or website and can also save them for future use. This app is free to use for both android and ios users and filters recipes according to your dietary preferences, allergies, and skill level. It also helps you to develop and enhance your cooking skills and learn new cooking techniques. It helps you to customize the recipes in breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also provides nutrition information in detail for each recipe. The drawback lies in it can be used by technological experts as it is complicated and more difficult to use compared to similar apps.

8. Forks Over Knives

This app is for all the vegetarians who are looking for a low calorie and healthy meal plan. It has a collection of 400 meals that are pure veg and are from 50 chefs. More recipes are added to the list every week. Talking about the app, it provides you with detailed instructions on how to prepare a dish and high-resolution photos of the same to know what your dish will look alike. It also lets you know beforehand about the ingredients and groceries that will be needed to prepare a meal.

9. Pepperplate

This app is good for persons who have nutritional information about a meal and are trying to lose weight. It organizes recipes you know and adds new recipes you want to try. You can enter the recipe detail manually or can copy its link from other sites. Once you have done it, it organizes your recipes into customizable categories. After you’ve added your recipes, you can incorporate personalized menus and meal plans into a calendar-style planner complete with grocery lists. The main drawback of this app is that it does not have a calorie counter.

10. BigOven

It is one of the best meal planning app as it not only gives you information about various meals but also tells you what to do with the leftover. Most of the housewives are tired of thinking that what good can be cooked by different leftovers so they should download this app to prepare a mouthwatering dish from the same. Besides this, it helps in the meal and grocery list preparation. you can also upload the photo of a meal or can mark as a dish as star and can add it to your favorites. It helps in reducing food waste.

11. Prepear

This meal planning app is available on both iOS and Android platforms free of cost but the upgraded version of it can be bought at $9.99/month. It is a user-friendly app that filters recipes on the basis of taste preferences, allergies, and global cuisine options, etc.  You can also share photos of your meal prepared with your family and friends. Most of the recipe database is kid-friendly which is ideal for preparing a meal for your family and kids.

12. Eat This Much

If you are planning to lose weight and wanna indulge in healthy eating then eat this much app should on your mobile list apps. It works as best for calorie counter and meal planner. The basic version is free to use after that a monthly subscription of $5 is to be availed to use the pro and upgraded version. This app generates a meal plan for you depending on the data and preferences given by you. It also has a barcode scanner that directly scans the meal into your account. This feature makes it distinguish from other meal planning apps. You can also order groceries via this app as clicking the purchase button will direct you to AmazonFresh from where your groceries will be ordered and delivered.

13. DietWiz

If you are conscious about calorie intake and also want to eat healthy meals, then this app is a boom for you as it is a combined tool of meal planning and calorie counter. The calorie counter feature is free to use but the meal planning feature can be used after paying an annual fee of  $79.99. It works as your personal dietician as it plans meals with simple recipes and also tracks calories and macronutrients to help you lose weight. It personalizes your meal plan according to your height, weight, food preferences, allergies, and specific dietary patterns, etc. It also gives you the option to upload the recipes of your choice.

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