How To Fix Message+ Keeps Stopping?

Our Android phones usually encounter problems in messaging apps. And these errors may result in you a lot of discomfort and complications. If you too are facing errors with message+, you need to worry as you will be shown solutions to fix message+ keep stopping error.

What is Message+?

Message+ application is a messaging application that permits you to synchronize all the messages in the entirety of your gadgets. You can download it from the play store. It is a google item. Interestingly, it is the best informing application for a normal android client. The app lets you –

  • Make and receive calls on a tablet
  • Tweak discussions with backgrounds, bubble styles, text styles, and then some
  • Send eGift cards to loved ones
  • Access extra highlights directly from a discussion

Many times you witness that message+ keeps stopping and it is complained about by many other users too. But don’t worry as this problem has solutions too. You can easily solve the issue by clearing the caches and app data. Below you will see solutions for message+ not working.

How To Fix Message+ Keeps Stopping?

Below we have explained all the possible solutions that will help you fix message+, not working problems. You can try them and get rid of the error.

Clear Cache Files and App Data

Clearing caches and app data will help you solve the issue. To clear the cache data you have to open the settings on your phone. Then go to the app and tap on the application manager. Now search for message+ and tap on the storage option. Now from here, you will need to tap on the clear cache option, then tap on the yes option to confirm the action. Then you have to tap on the clear data option and again tap on clear data to confirm the action. Now open the application again and see if it’s working.

Update the App

Another fix is to update the application. To update the message+ app, you have to open the play store and search for message+ application or Verizon messages. Open the app as you see it and tap on update if available. After updating the app open it and see if the problem is resolved or not.

Update the System Software

Next, you should also check and update the system software of your phone. Just open the settings of your phone and scroll to see the about phone option. There you will need to tap on the software update option. Then you will need to tap on download and install software updates. After completion of the download, open the app, and see if it’s working properly or not.

Reinstall Message+

If the above fix doesn’t work, you can try reinstalling the app. First, you have to uninstall the app. To do so, you have to open the settings and tap on apps or application manager. Now search for message+ and then tap on uninstall option, then tap on yes option. Now you have to reinstall the application. To reinstall you have to open the play store and search for the app and install the message+ app again. Now open the app and see that the problem is now been resolved.

Factory Reset

Finally, if none of the above-mentioned fixes worked, you have to try the factory reset your device. To rest the settings you have to tap on settings and go to general management. Now tap on the reset option and then choose reset settings. This will rest all the settings in your device and your data will not be deleted. You can also reset the data on your device. Just open the setting and tap on the general management option. Then tap on the rest option and choose the factory data to reset option. Again tap on rest and enter the password. Finally, you have to tap on deleting all options. This will surely solve the message+ keeps topping error.

These fixes will help you solve the message+ not working issue. Hope these methods will help you if you too face the same error.

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