09 Most Popular Fishing Games on Xbox One

Fishing is one of the most entertaining and thrilling outdoor activities. Though it’s not common in our country foreigners do it on a routine basis and with a lot of charm and enthusiasm. Sadly, you cant perform any outdoor activity every time you feel to do it, time and situation matter too, the same is the case of fishing. And moreover, there is no security that after hours of fishing, your bags be full of fishes.

That’s why we have come up with some of the Best Fishing Games that can be played indoor on your Xbox one every time you feel like doing it. These games will provide a realistic experience just like the original one and will vanish your boredom.

Most Popular Fishing Games on Xbox One

The scope of these games has evolved much over the past couple of months as the Covid-19 pandemic is not allowing people to come to their normal routine or perform any kind of outdoor hobbies.

So if you are also missing real-time fishing and have an Xbox at your home, then this article will provide you all time popular Xbox One fishing games. So let’s begin detailing each game.

1. The Fisherman: Fishing Planet

It will provide you real-time fishing experience if you play it with utmost concentration and proper strategies. The game has astonishing graphics and its a matter of surprise that how the developers of this game have focused on every single minor and major detail like the water has weeds, trees are around, stones and pebbles are there, where the fishes can hide. To play this game you must choose your strategy properly regarding the bait, reel, fishing line, rod, etc. You will also earn in-game money if the fishes yield money as you harvest them. The amount of money depends upon the type and size of fish like big fish gives more coins than the smaller one and you can use this money to buy your tackles.

2. Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

This game is developed by Dovetail Games and they specialize in making simulators. This game has online tournaments going on where you can compete with other players. You can also upgrade your gear and choose the right approach to fishing. The approach is as real as in real life as you can see the rod bending according to fish weight and there are 29 species of fish that behave differently. But this game has two major drawbacks. One is that it does not has eye-catching graphics and the other is long tutorials. If you mainly focus on real-time experience then you will not get bothered about graphics and you can skip on tutorials videos.

3. Rapala Fishing Pro Series –

Rapala Fishing Pro Series is available on Xbox One for $40. The game allows you to do fishing in some of the iconic and most beautiful locations in North America. You can compete in world-class tournaments and also join weekly challenges where you can improve your skills. You can also upgrade your equipment and lures and have hundreds of options to choose from. The game also gives you bonus money while competing for the best rank and catching the 24 different species of fish. You can also use official Ranger boats to compete in the championship as they are equipped with Mercury motors.

4. Fishing Master

You can try the free demo of this game on your Xbox One. The game pushes the technological boundaries of the fishing genre. It is a virtual reality game with stunning graphics and 9 very beautiful locations to try fishing. The game has near around 200 species of fishes to try your hands on it. After playing this game, you will be more satisfied as it gives you the experience like you are standing near the edge of a pond, river and are performing real-time fishing.

5. Bass Pro Shops: The Strike

All the games mentioned above focus on real-time experience and stunning graphics. But if you are fond of variety and like to change your rod, gear, and other accessories then you must download this game as it has a wide variety of rods and accessories plus it also provides a realistic experience as you get a chance to choose a spoon or jerk bait while doing fishing. The game has some drawbacks as like other games it does not have astounded graphics and some beautiful locations to do fishing.

6. Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive

Normally fishing is done by sitting around the pond or river or standing on the bridge. If you are bored with the same concept then this game should be on your list as it offers totally different fishing experiences. You can actually dive and swim underwater and catch fishes by shooting them with your speer gun. You also get a chance to look at some beautiful sceneries underwater.

7. Ice Lakes

This game might not provide you a realistic experience but its worth a try as it has some cool and different graphics as the virtual fisherman will perform fishing on an ice lake. Isn’t it cool!! The game can be played in single-player and multiplayer mode and you can customize your character and your fishing equipment too.

8. Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Real-life fishing is all about thrilling, casting, and hours of preparation. This game is all about real-time fishing. You need to do some research and choose the right approach before initiating your action. The game has an in-built encyclopedia where you can check which lures, bait, and tactics are the best for a specific fish. Thus, while playing a game your real fishing skills also improve. The game has some realistic effects like dynamic weather that keeps on changing. According to the changing weather, you must change your approach and also should keep an eye on the clock as some species in this game are active at night. How realistic it sounds !!! The game provides you in-game money to purchase more advanced equipment to catch big species of fish and you can perform this fishing activity from the shore, boat, and ice.

9. Professional Fishing

This game has almost the same features as other games but it has a wide variety of fishing simulators which make your game more interesting. This game is good for all fishing lovers and you should play this game as it will give you the experience of professional fishing and will improve your real-life skills too.


We have tried to cover some of the best fishing available on Xbox One. You are the sole decision-maker of which game to buy and which to play. The details mentioned above cover every aspect like real-life fishing, astounding graphics, a variety of equipment and accessories, weekly tournaments, in-game money, etc. You should choose the one according to your taste and preference and let us know your response on the same.

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