How to Fix Mouse Lag on Windows 10?

Lag is a term that is used in the gaming world. This means that the computer is suffering a slow response. You can understand lag as a difference between the task started and the result. It may allude to a defer that happens between the time a key is pushed on the console and the time that the relating character shows up on the screen. This is one basic model, however, there are numerous different circumstances where Lag may be an issue.

Why Is My Mouse Lagging?

When you work with your computer, you have to deal with your mouse and the keyboard. If your computer’s work performance is weak, it will just make all your work output a waste. One of the main reasons can be the Keyboard and mouse keeps freezing. So removing them from the compute may improve the efficiency. The main reason for the mouse keeps freezing can be any kind of intrusion between the hardware and software of your computer. There might be some windows settings that might result in you in the error. You may see that mouse lag in windows 10o can be seen while you are scrolling the mouse cursor using a wireless mouse or trackpad on your windows 10 computers or laptops. If you too are facing that your mouse not working or it just freezes, you can solve the issue using the below fixes.

Top 3 Ways to Fix Mouse Not Working on Windows 10?

If you see the mouse keeps freezing on your Windows 10 PC or laptops, you may use the below solutions to make a fix.

Reinstall Your Mouse Driver

Mouse drivers are software that tells the operating system and other software of your computer about how to get into with any particular hardware. You can consider it as a medium between your software and hardware. If you are facing an error regarding the mouse lag in your windows 10 devices, you have to reinstall the mouse drivers. Or you can try using your mouse with another computer to understand the problem. To reinstall the mouse you have to type the device manager in the search and tap on the device manager option to open it. There you have to find our mice and other pointing devices option, just expand it and then right-click using your mouse. Therefrom the option you will need to tap on the uninstall option. Then just restart the PC and the windows will automatically install the mouse driver that you have just uninstalled.

Update the Mouse Driver

There are chances that your mouse keeps freezing because you have not updated the mouse drivers to the recent version. In such a case, you have to update the mouse drivers. To do so you have to type the device manager in the search option and tap on the device option. Right-click on it and tap on the updated driver option there. You will get two options there to update the driver. If you choose to search for updated driver software the windows are going to search the latest driver software on the internet for your device. And if you choose to browse your computer option, you will need the correct software in the system. This way you can easily update your mouse driver.

Update the Graphic Driver

You can also solve the issue by updating the graphic driver. To update it, you have to see the device manager. Expand the option display adapters and right-click the graphic driver and tap on the Update driver option. In the next step, the window is going to ask you the way you want to search for the drivers. There you will need to tap on search automatically for updated driver software option. Thus the windows will find and install the driver.

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There are many more fixes that you can use to fix mouse lag on windows 10 devices. You can try these fixes one by one and see that problem will solve quickly.

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