How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting To WiFi?

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting To WiFi?

It’s quite common to face WiFi issues with your Nintendo Switch. If you are facing the issue then you are not alone. There are many users who talk about this WiFi issue with Nintendo Switch.

What are the Causes of Nintendo Switch Not connecting to WiFi?

WiFi issues can be brought about by a wide scope of elements. In this investigating article, we’ll show you the different steps that you can take to deal with numerous WiFi issues in this gadget.

  • There might be some bugs that are creating problems and making hindrances in connecting the Nintendo Switch to WiFi. These bugs can be seen when you use the console again and again. In such cases, you have to restart your device from time to time.
  • There might be some network issues. Maybe the routers or any other equipment is not working and creating the issues. Rebooting the router can solve the issue.
  • Some software problems in the console can be the reason. If there are some software issues with the console it will not let the WiFi work properly and the Nintendo Switch will not get connected to WiFi.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting To WiFi?

Now as you the possible reasons that might be creating an error in connecting Nintendo Switch to WiFi, you might be looking for the troubleshooting steps. Here are some proven fixes that will help you solve the issue right away.

Restart the Nintendo Switch

The very first fix that you must try is restarting your Nintendo Switch console. To restart the console you have to press and hold the power button and when you see the power options, you have to choose the Restart option.

Power Cycle the Network

The next fix that you can try is to disconnect your modem and router that is plugged into the wall outlet. Now, wait for a few seconds. Now you have to reconnect the Nintendo Switch when you see the router lights are stable. You will see that the problem is now been resolved.

Use 5 GHz Band

In the event that your switch has double band capacity, which means it can communicate WiFi signals in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, attempt to utilize the last mentioned. Nintendo Switch consoles can work with either group yet take a stab at utilizing 5 GHz and check whether that will work. Numerous remote gadgets are set to associate with 2.4 GHz of course so there might be signal obstruction in this band.

Enter the Correct WiFi Password

The Nintendo Switch underpins WEP, WPA-PSK (AES), and WPA2-PSK (AES) security conventions. On the off chance that you are utilizing an alternate security convention in your switch other than the ones referenced, have a go at transforming it to one of the upheld conventions.

Check the WiFi Signals

Many objects like thick steel walls and other metal objects can affect the signals of WiFi at your home. You have to check if the WiFi connection is proper and you should try to put the Nintendo Switch as close to your router as you can do. If you see that the console is not connecting to the network, there might be some network server error. You have to wait in such case till the server gets back to its working.

Factory Reset Nintendo Switch

If none of the fixes is working for you, you can try reset the Nintendo Switch to factory settings. If your Nintendo Switch is facing WiFi error, it may get solved by giving it a factory reset.

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These were some fixes that you can use to make solutions to Nintendo Switch not connecting to WiFi errors.


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