What Does ‘No Posts Yet’ Mean On Instagram?

If you open your Instagram and visit someone’s profile and sees no posts yet message on their profile section, you start thinking that the person might have blocked you. But there are more chances that the person might have deleted all the posts or your Instagram might be facing some bug. Here I am sharing details that will make understand the situation.

What is ‘No Posts Yet’ on Instagram?

No posts yet the phrase is used on Instagram in the case when a user has not posted any image or video on their profile. This does not mean that he/she has not posted any stories. Instagram stories are not counted in posts. You can also see someone new joined on Instagram with no post yet phrase as he/ she has just joined and has not posted anything on there.

But in case you have seen the post before but you are not able to see posts now in someone’s profile, this means the person had deleted all his/ her posts from Instagram and he/  she is yet to posts some content in the form of image or videos in their profile.

If it’s because somebody has not had any posts on their profile, you will see o posts on top bar shown on a person’s profile.

Does ‘No Posts Yet’ Implies I’m Blocked?

As it’s common that when you see a no post yet on Instagram it means the person has no content on their profile. But there is also one more reason that the person might have blocked you. In the event that a user has been blocked, the account that is blocking them will have the notification ‘No Posts Yet’ show up where their posts would typically show up.

If some have blocked you see the no post yet notification, you will also see the post has some counting in the top bar of the person’s profile.

Is ‘No Posts Yet’ a Bug?

There are chances that you might be facing any bug on Instagram if you see no post yet notification on someone’s profile. In case this is a bug, you cannot fix the problem, as Instagram will get back after a few days. All you can do is just wait for the update. Ensure you watch out for the application store and update your application when you see another update shows up.

Fixes You Can Make To Settle Out Bugs in Instagram

If you this kind of bugs, you can still try some fixes to solve the issue you are facing on Instagram. Here are some of them that you can try.

Log Out and Log In

You can try logging out and then again logging back to the Instagram account to see if the bug has fixed or not. In usual cases, you start seeing the posts. While doing such tricks, make sure you remember your login credentials. Keep it in your mind that if you log out, you will lose all your drafts.

Have a look at your Internet connection

There are high chances that there might be some internet connection issues if you are facing such no post yet issues. In case you face the issues, you must also check your internet connection first. This will get you to solve the error.

Clear Cache

If everything is good but still you are facing the issues, all you can do is just clear your app’s cache. Don’t worry, if you delete the cache, you will not lose any of your personal information from your account.

So, it was all about the no posts yet issue you face on Instagram, its reason, and great fixes. You can try there fixes to solve the situation or just wait for your Instagram update.

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