How To Fix Overheating Issues In Android?

How To Fix Overheating Issues In Android?

Nowadays many android phones face the issue of overheating. There are many android devices in the market but you may see that every android user is just complaining about the issue. There is no limit about whatever brand you are using but usually, everyone is facing the same issue. If you too are facing the issue, there are many troubleshooting ways that you can use.  Here you will see the solutions to fix the overheating issues in android phones. Let’s begin.

Fixes for Overheating Issues in Android Phone

Grab here some best tips and tricks that will help you cool down your android phone when you face overheating issues. You should try these fixes and stop your android phone from overheating.

Fix 1: Avoid Placing Your Phone in Sunlight

You usually leave your phone in sunlight and quite common. But you must know the fact that keeping your phone in sunlight for a long time, it may heat up. The heating process can increase in the summer season. If your phone is heating up, you should immediately move the phone to some cold place. And you should not use it until it cools down. You should never use your phone if it’s highly heated up.

Fix 2: Close All Background Apps

When you use your phone, you might not know but a lot many apps run in the background. These apps consume more RAM and drain the battery very faster and due to this issue, your phone gets heated up. So closing the apps are very important. Just tapping the home button after using the applications will not close the application. If you don’t close the applications, they will keep on running in the background. To close the apps you should tap the back button until you don’t exit the app. It’s very common to forget closing the apps but if you are facing heating up issues in your phone, you should make it a habit to exit the app after every time you use the application.

Fix 3: Avoid Multitasking

It’s a common habit to use the android for multiple works at a time. But you may don’t know that this kind of multitasking can result in heating up the phone. So you must all kinds of multitasking that you usually do on your phone. You should start any task after completing the previous one. And you must close the app or work after it’s completed. Your device is capacity is to handle only a few tasks at a time and when you multitask on your phone, it starts taking the load and it may heat up and also damage the phone. So you should stop overloading the CPU of your device and it will solve the heating issues. You should also try using fewer apps on your phone.

Fix 4: Check the Updates

You must make sure that the device you are using must be having updated software and applications. If your phone is not updated to the latest operating system, the phone will start heating up. You should also make sure that you are doing every task properly and giving load on your phone. If there is everything updated, your device is not going to heat up frequently. Your device will run more smoothly without getting a lot of loads. So you should make it a habit to check the apps if they are updated or not and keep them updated whenever you see any major and important updates in the system.

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Fix 5: Don’t Use Phone for a Long Time

Many of us use the phone for a longer duration without giving it rest. This may happen when we are using the phone for calling purposes or gaming. You should avoid using your phone for a longer duration if you don’t want your phone to heat up. Especially you should not use your phone for a longer duration when it’s charging as it will heat up faster when it’s charging and you use it. When you play games continuously, the CPU may not handle the activity and this activity will lead to heating up the android device. So you are suggested not to use your phone when it’s charging.

Fix 6: Battery Issue

Many time you feel like your phone is not able to stay in power for a long time, this happens when your battery is old and this may also lead to your phone to heat up. It might also be possible that your phone’s battery might be defective and you should get a replacement as soon as possible. A replacement of the battery may help you fix the overheating issue in the android phone you own. You should always get a new battery from a reputable and verified store.

Fix 7: Avoid Using the Phone When There is Poor Signal

Many times you may notice that your phone is having poor signals. At that, you should avoid using your phone as this situation also result in heating up your android device. In case of poor signals, the battery of your phone drains faster and it will overheat the device so soon. So you should avoid using the device when there is a bad signal.

So here we have got to know about some tricks that will help you solve the overheating issue of your phone. You should try these tricks and it will help you find better solutions.

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