09 Best Piano Learning Apps For Beginners

People in this modern world are keen to learn everything. They don’t want to spare a waste minute and rather indulge in some kind of learning. The learning process is not limited to books rather it goes way beyond. Some people are keen to learn musical instruments, some want to learn shooting, some want to learn cooking and many other activities.

Best Apps For Learning Piano

People who seek to be a Pianist can read this article as it will definitely prove helpful to them. We begin our list here:-

1. Roland Piano Partner 2

This piano learning app was released back in 2016 and since then it has gained much popularity as most of its users give positive feedback regarding it. It is available on both Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded from the respective stores. This app works well with Bluetooth enabled Roland piano. When connected, it acts as a remote controller for your device and allows you to adjust settings and select instruments from your device. Plus, it comprises many songs on the board with complete notations so that you can learn and play easily. Also, it has a feature to monitor and evaluate your performance with the means of Recorder and Diary, which records and plays your performance when you want to listen to it. Thus this app provides you an interactive way to learn this instrument with the unlocked additional features.

2. Yousician and Piano Teacher

This app teaches you piano in a way that no other app does. Before teaching you about music notes, notations, keys, etc, this app focuses on teaching the position of fingers. If you are keen to learn piano then you must be aware of the fact that finger positioning is the main part for its learning as the piano can only be played with both hands having the same balance. So once you get to know about how to position your fingers on the keys, the app gives you information about different piano keys and chords. It even tells you the name of the same. To boost up your learning capacity, the app allows you to compete with your friends in leaderboard ranking and achieve new targets.

3. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is free to download for android and ios users and is developed by Revontulet Soft. It has a great user interface and using it will provide you the experience of playing the piano in real as it displays the entire length of the keyboard. This app has a variety of professional tools like you can choose the model of your choice from two-player mode, dual row mode, and single-row mode. It also has a collection of sound effects, some of which are Grand Piano, Synthesizer and Organ Pipe, etc. It also offers you to adjust the key width as per your preference.

When you click on the “Learn To Play” option in this app, you get to choose among three different levels to test your skills. It has near about 70 sample songs and more can be downloaded by updating your app. New songs are mostly added on a weekly basis, not on a daily basis. In addition to all these features, the app also has nine keyboard sounds, including Metronome sounds along with audio and MIDI. It also helps you to record and play your recording later even in offline mode. Thus the app is full rich content and is free to use but some additional features can only be enjoyed after buying the paid version.

4. Magic Piano by Smule

This app helps you to learn piano not by pressing keys but following the beams of lights and is good for beginners but not work well for professionals. Magic Piano is a more fun way of learning the piano. This learning app has a huge collection of songs of any category – classical, hip hop, pop music, etc. And more songs are added on a daily basis. You can create your own track by adding rhythms and tempos to it and can make it popular by circulating it around the web. The mode of the instruments can also be changed to an organ pipe, harpsichord, and others.

You also get to choose to play between the different levels of difficulty. The app also has a game mode and if you top the charts then you unlock badges and achievements which can be used to download more songs and have more features free of cost. Though the app is available on Android and Apple devices free of cost, some of the advanced features can only be availed if you buy a premium subscription.

5. Pianist HD

Pianist HD helps you to learn piano keeping your own style and pace. It was developed by Rubycell and has various modes to stimulate the process of learning. The app has a full 88-key realistic keyboard which gives you access to all the sounds of a real keyboard. Plus it gives you an option to choose from twelve different instruments that have inbuilt effects which make learning more fun. The metronome feature on the app allows you to keep track of the time that you have taken while playing a track. And just like other apps, it has a game mode too that boosts competition and promotes the practice.

Pianist HD has a mode that allows for sheet music while playing to read all the notes. It has a huge collection of songs and the learners can also save their files and share them to gain popularity. Thus, it is a great app for beginners and professionals and will help you to regular practice piano even if you don’t have one.

6. Flowkey

This piano learning app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. The app is extremely beneficial for beginners as it teaches the piano in a step by step process. It has a series of steps to develop your piano skills and teaches you how to play your favorite songs on this instrument. Firstly, this app focuses on developing an understanding of the keyboard and the theories behind it. Once you know this, it takes you to the advanced stages of learning makes you feel like a musician. Thus, this app teaches you various skills that are really necessary for learning the keyboard.

7. Simply Piano

This piano learning application is quite popular among iOS and Android users and is developed by JoyTunes. The app teaches you the basics of learning the instrument. It guides you on how to place the fingers of both hands on the instrument. It teaches you about sheet music to an advanced level. With this app, you can learn and practice various chords that are very necessary to learn the piano full-fledged.

It also offers you a huge collection of various songs on which you can try your hands on. Thus, we can say that this learning app for piano is good for beginners and advanced players. It is an educational and fun app for learning the piano quickly and easily. The app can be downloaded and used for free by android users.

8. Piano Lessons by Online Pianist

It is one of the best piano learning apps. To play and learn the instrument, the app offers you a great user interface. It also offers you a various animated piano tutorial that teaches you how to play this device. The app offers you an option where you can create a playlist of your favorite songs that you can practice later.

The app also offers you personalized lessons to learn the piano and is good for those who have basic knowledge of playing the piano and want to try different songs playing on it. Thus, it is a fun-loving app that teaches you piano in an interesting way and can be downloaded on a mobile, laptop, etc.

9. Piano Companion

It is a very advanced app for learning piano as it shows chord and scale notes, degrees, fingering for both hands in major and minor scales. It also allows you to listen to a scale or chord sounds in the loop or arpeggiated. The app shows you a list of compatible scales for a selected chord. This app is not for beginners but is used by people who already know this instrument before. It also helps you to find keys if you don’t remember the name of a chord or scale.

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