Privacy is everyone’s right and We at, respect everyone’s privacy. All the data, we collect from you will be safe with us and we do not sell the information to anyone at any cost and in any case. Users can bank upon us without any hesitation.

Credit Card Details

We do not ask for confidential details from you. The credit card credentials will not be asked by us in any case, if still, you find any such link asking for your credit card related confidential details, do not go ahead as it may be a fraud. Any loss arising out of such incidence will not be our responsibility.

Third-Party Links

You may find some third-party links on our website. The reason behind such links is to earn some revenue for covering our routine costs. We never verify their genuineness so it is the duty of the visitors itself to take precautions while dealing with any third party or visiting their website. We will not be held liable to compensate for any kind of financial loss arising out of any such incidence.

Usage of Log Files

We like all other websites also make use of log files to better the user’s experience. People will find it difficult to share all of their details. The log files record address, ISP, IP, visitors browsing preferences which include the clicks on various links, visits on pages of the website, etc. All this kind of information is not related to creating a threat to the user’s privacy or any kind of loss.


We also make use of cookies to make sure we are able to enrich and improve our service to the visitors.

DART Cookies

People may find advertisements on our website according to their previous browsing and preference history. It happens because the advertisements on our website are managed by Google Adsense.  Google Adsense makes use of cookies to keep the record of your preferences so as customized advertisements of products and services can be displayed to you.

Safety of Users Account

Users are provided with a free facility under which they are able to create their account on our website. The users always have a responsibility to keep their account credentials including User id and password safe with them not to share with any third person.

We recommend the users not to log in through computers at public places like cyber cafes. In case you do so make sure to browse through Incognito mode always. We can not be held liable for any kind of loss of data or unauthorized activity through your account in case of any such misuse.

Changes in Privacy Policy

The users must have read all the terms of our privacy policy but even if you have not read still users can not make an excuse for non-awareness. I


We are free to change our terms of Privacy Policy. We will inform you in advance of any such change.