What Does Quick Add On Snapchat Mean?

Snapchat is a mainstream informing application that lets clients share pictures and recordings considered snaps that are intended to vanish after they’re seen. It’s promoted as “another kind of camera” on the grounds that the fundamental capacity is to snap a photo or video, include channels, focal points, or different impacts and offer them with companions.

What is Snapchat Quick Add?

There are many options to add friends on Snapchat. But here we will let you know one more method to add friends on Snapchat that Quick Add Option.

Let’s understand all the methods that will make you add friends on Snapchat.

Contact Book

You can add friends on Snapchat by using your own contact list. To do so you have to tap on the profile icon that you will see on the left corner of your screen. Then, you have to tap on find friends on Snapchat, and then you have to tap on continue when you are asked to sync your contacts. Then Snapchat will find friends from your contact list using their phone numbers. As soon as Snapchat lets you find your friends via your contact list, you can add them by following them.


One of the intriguing features of Snapchat is that every client gets their own one of a kind Snapcode an individual code that is exceptional to their profile and can’t be recreated by somebody else. If your companion imparts their Snapcode to you, you can check that visual code with your camera and afterward include them as companions. There are two different ways to do this. To begin with, your companion can impart an image of their Snapcode to you. When they do, open Snapchat, click on the profile symbol on the upper left corner of your screen, click ‘Include Friends,’ at that point click the Snapcode symbol on the upper right corner of the screen. This will open your camera roll where you can choose your companion’s Snapcode. When you transfer the image of the Snapcode, Snapchat will examine it, discover your companion, and request that you affirm the companion demand. Then again, on the off chance that you are with your companion face to face, you can essentially open the application and hold their Snapcode before your camera. Snapchat will check the code and inquire as to whether you need to include your companion. Simply click ‘Include Friend’ and you’re all set.


To add friends by using your username, you have to go to your profile and after that tap on the add friends option. You can easily search for the username of the person and then add them to your friend’s list. After you do so, you have to tap on the Add option in order to add the person.

Quick add

Now comes the Snapchat quick add feature. If you thinking about what does Snapchat quick add do, let me tell you that it’s nothing but suggestions from Snapchat. Sometimes you see some suggestions from Snapchat that come from your common friends. You will see the quick add option between the friends and the subscription section.

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How To Get Rid Of Quick Add On Snapchat?

If you don’t want irritating messages requests from people you don’t like, you can turn off the quick add option on Snapchat. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: First of all, just open Snapchat.

Step 2: Then tap on your profile picture.

Step 3: After that, you have to tap on the settings option there.

Step 4: See the complete setting menu and find out who can..section.

Step 5: Then you have to tap on see me in quick add and just uncheck the option.

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