What Does the Red Arrow Check Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat’s user base has started to develop and augmentin emotional manners, and, just as of late outperformed Twitter with the measure of every day dynamic clients. It serves an immense crowd of likely clients.

What is the Red Arrow Check on Snapchat?

Red arrow check on Snapchat comes among six different categories of colorful icon that resembles various type of messages like sent messages, opened messages, Viewed messages, Screenshot, and replay. These are categories that make you understand things you use while snapping on Snapchat with friends. With these icons, you understand that the colors repeat but with a different look and notifications. Here let’s understand various red arrows check on Snapchat with different meanings.

Sent Snapchat Icons

Firstly let’s talk about the sent snap icons. This is something that you send to your friends. The sent snaps are the snaps that you send to other Snapchat users. In this category, you will see the following icons.

Fully Filled Red Arrow Check

This red color arrow means that you have sent a snap to another user that does not contain any audio. The red arrow check all-time resembles that the snap has no audio. The snap with fully filled red arrow check means that the snap has no audio and it’s not opened yet.

Fully Filled Purple Arrow Check

The completely filled purple arrow check means that you have sent a snap to another Snapchat user that consists of audio and the snap are not yet opened by the other user.

Fully Filled Blue Arrow Check

A fully Filled blue arrow check simply means that you have just sent a chat message to other Snapchat users. And the user has not opened the chat message yet. Now let’s understand the opened Icons

Opened Snapchat Icons

Let’s now talk about the opened snaps on Snapchat, these snap are those which you have sent to other Snapchat users and they have opened the snaps. Let’s now understand the various color meaning.

Outlined Red Arrow Check

The red arrow check that is not filled and carries outlines only denotes that the snap you sent is now opened by the other person and the snap does not carry any audio message. Like we said above, the red arrow always means that the snap is not having any audio.

Outlined Purple Arrow Check

The purple outlined arrow indicates a snap with audio and also been opened by the other Snapchat user whom you sent the snap. Purple all the time represents that the snap is carrying audio.

Outlined Blue Arrow Check

The blue arrow check that’s outlined and not filled means that the person whom you have sent the snap has opened your chat message.

Outlined Green Arrow Check

This is something different from just a snap. The Green Arrow check is connected to Snapcash. This simply means that a friend has received the money you have sent through Snapcash.


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So with the help of the above sections we got to know that the red arrow check on Snapchat always means that the snap you sent is not carrying any kind of audio, Red arrow simply means no audio.

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