07 Best Sandboxie Alternatives

Sandboxie is a novel security product dependent on the rule of sandboxing. In basic PC terms, a sandbox is a secluded situation for running projects. The environment will be actually similar to the genuine framework, the main distinction being it’s disconnected from the genuine framework. This procedure is additionally being utilized in different projects, for example, Google Chrome, and a portion of the antivirus programming. Inside Sandboxie, the projects will run ordinarily, as they do outside the sandbox, yet whatever changes are made, remain inside the sandbox, and the real framework stays unaffected by those changes.

What are the Benefits of Sandboxie?

Sandboxie makes web surfing truly secure and safe. You can generally be loose and be certain that no malware can taint your framework. Additionally, while surfing, different impermanent documents, treats, stores, and so on, are made and downloaded to the PC. All the previously mentioned stay inside Sandboxie and can be effectively cleaned by erasing the Sandboxie substance, and without agonizing over where to search for them on your PC. Only a single tick to erase the Sandboxie substance, and it’s completely gone. The greatest advantage is the significant serenity, and guaranteed security, which is offered by the superb protection of Sandboxie. Regardless of whether you run over a malware inside Sandboxie, there is no compelling reason to freeze, since you can be guaranteed that the malware won’t have the option to get away to the genuine framework. Erasing the substance of Sandboxie is everything necessary to dispose of any malware experienced.

Are There Any Alternatives of Sandboxie?

There are a few good Sandboxie alternatives that you can use well. Here is the list of 7 top alternatives of Sandboxie.


Cameyo is an application virtualization item. It plans to virtualize Windows applications so they can run on different machines or in HTML5 programs. It is accounted for to be anything but difficult to utilize, light in weight, and viable with a wide assortment of utilizations. The organization’s site incorporates a library of prepared to-utilize virtualized free and open-source virtual applications that can be downloaded or run in the program. Cameyo has a free release for home and private companies for up to 49 machines. You can likewise discover the greater part of the mainstream compact applications at its online public applications library. Making a virtual application is very simple with Cameyo’s nearby or online packager.

Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox is a serious, incredibly secluded, and 100% open-source computerized malware examination framework with endless application openings. Of course, it can examine a wide range of malignant records like executables, office archives, pdf documents, messages, and so on, just as vindictive sites under Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android virtualized situations. You can likewise dump and dissect network traffic, in any event, when encoded with SSL/TLS. With local organization steering backing to drop all traffic or course it through InetSIM, an organization interface, or a VPN and follow API calls and general conduct of the record and distill this into elevated level data and marks understandable by anybody.

Shade Sandbox

Shade sandbox is a sandbox-based detachment program created by Eugene Balabanov. The shade is conveyed to purchasers as a shareware plan. It makes a disconnected virtual condition inside your PC: as opposed to running programming and perusing the Internet straightforwardly, you can rather play out these activities through a fenced-off safe region. This component makes an exceptionally controlled condition for running untested or dishonest applications without compromising the host working framework.

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is a reboot to reestablish programming application accessible for the Microsoft Windows, and macOS working frameworks which permits framework executives to secure the center working framework and arrangement documents on a workstation or worker by reestablishing a PC back to the spared design, each time the PC is restarted. Profound Freeze can likewise shield a PC from hurtful malware since it naturally erases downloaded documents when the PC is restarted. The benefit of utilizing Deep Freeze is that it utilizes not many framework assets, and accordingly doesn’t hinder PC execution significantly.

Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Antivirus with Premium Internet Security Software can forestall the greater part of the digital attacks and malware which take private information put away on your PC, give programmers unapproved admittance to your PC and thus, your budgetary and individual data. Malware emerging from the web can hold your framework as a hostage and request cash, subtly accumulate sensitive data about your registering propensities, web movement, and keystrokes, and so forth. You can shield yourself from these dangers with the most recent rendition of Comodo Internet Security Software.

Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is a simple to-utilize security response for Windows working frameworks that ensure your PC/PC genuine condition against malevolent exercises and undesirable changes. Shadow Defender can run your framework in a virtual situation called ‘Shadow Mode’. ‘Shadow Mode’ diverts every framework change to a virtual domain with no change to your genuine condition. In the event that you experience malevolent exercises and additionally undesirable changes, play out a reboot to reestablish your framework back to its unique state, as though nothing occurred. With Shadow Defender, you have the adaptability to indicate which documents and organizers are for all time spared to the genuine condition. This guarantees significant records and organizers are kept after a reboot.

VMware ThinApp

VMware ThinApp is an application virtualization solution. ThinApp can execute applications without them being introduced in the customary sense by virtualizing assets, for example, condition factors, records, and Windows Registry keys. The virtual condition introduced to the customer is a combined perspective on the fundamental physical and virtual assets, subsequently permitting the virtualization layer to trick the application into imagining that it is running as though it were completely introduced. ThinApp doesn’t have any pre-introduced parts and doesn’t need the establishment of gadget drivers permitting applications to run from USB streak drives or organization shares while never requiring Administrator rights.


So these were the top alternatives you can use for Sandboxie. And the results are made available to you after great research. You can choose any of them based on your virtual framework.

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