How to Screen Mirror on Roku?

If you want to know how to screen mirror on Roku, you have to know when you should screen mirror and when not. If you don’t know about screen mirroring, let me tell you that by doing screen mirroring on Roku, you can broadcast the data from your android onto your TV. The process will use the Roku device as a receiver. Generally, all the Roku devices are compatible with to screen mirroring feature, and the process is the same in each Roku.

How to Screen Mirror on Roku?

As you are ready to screen mirror on Roku, you must make sure that the Roku device is up and running and completely updated to the latest version. Also, you have to make sure that the device you are connecting with Roku to screen mirror is also completely updated to the latest version. The process does not need any kind of internet connection but if you are internet, nothing is going to harm the process of screen mirroring. So let’s begin with the steps.

Go to Settings Menu

First of all, you have to open the settings menu of the Roku. You have to just scroll down on the home screen and you will get to see the settings option for Roku.

Choose the System Option

The next step you should take is to select the system menu. In the system menu, you can make any Roku settings. There is no specific functionality. You can look around all the options as you are looking at it for the first time, just explore it.

Go to the Screen Mirroring Section

Next, you have to go to the screen mirroring section. This step is very important. Make sure you have updated the devices completely before coming to this step.

Set Up Screen Mirroring Preferences

Now, yo9u have to move towards setting up screen mirroring preferences. You will get three options for screen mirroring. If you choose the prompt option, the Roku will give you every notification whenever the device attempts to use the Roku for the screen mirroring process and Roku will work as a receiver. This is a great option as with the help of the option you can easily screen mirror but it will not allow any unauthorized access. Always allow option is good only if you live alone and there nobody to use it. And the never allow option is good only when not at all want to use the screen mirroring option. So the best thing is that you should go with the prompt option.

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Connect the Device

Now finally you have to connect your device to the screen mirror. When it comes to screen mirroring every phone and pc will act differently. In android devices, you will get a cast option in the display menu, and on Windows PC, you will see connect to a wireless display option in the display settings. To start the process you have to activate the screen mirroring in your device and then you will have to follow the options you see on your TV.

Accept Screen Mirroring Request

This step is not for those who have selected always allow the option for screen mirroring with Roku. Or if you are using the prompt option, you have accepted the screen mirroring request as soon as you get the notification for screen mirroring.

Play the Device

Noe as the screen mirroring is completed, you can now start playing whatever you want to screen mirror on the TV using Roku. All you need to do it just simply use your phone and open whatever you want to show on TV.


The process is completed here. This is how you can screen mirror on Roku and enjoy the media on your TV.

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