Signal vs WhatsApp vs Telegram

Signal vs WhatsApp vs Telegram – Everything You Need To Know

A huge number of individuals around the world are making their mind about dropping the scrambled messaging platform WhatsApp and exchanging rather to choices they accept offer better information and security following the declaration of changes to the way the application imparts data to its parent organization, Facebook.

WhatsApp a week ago asked its 2 billion worldwide clients to consent to new terms with respect to the manner in which it imparts its own data to Facebook by February 8, or they will at this point don’t have the option to utilize its administrations. The move set off a clamor from regular WhatsApp clients with many escaping to adversaries, for example, Signal and Telegram.

Why do People Want to Switch From WhatsApp?

The reaction against WhatsApp began building weeks prior, after Apple in mid-December declared updates to its own security rules, including for its informing stage iMessage. For some, Apple’s new arrangement just expanded worries that have since quite a while ago existed for WhatsApp, explicitly ones identified with its assortment of clients’ metadata. The data can be extricated from and connected to a person’s gadget, including their contact records, area, and history.

Zak Doffman, originator and CEO of Britain-based innovation firm Digital Barriers, said WhatsApp gathered unquestionably a greater amount of this information on its clients than a significant number of its rivals, for example, iMessage, Signal, and Telegram. This made it all the additionally worried for certain clients when they began getting notices a week ago saying a portion of their information may now be imparted to parent organization Facebook and its different auxiliaries, prompting a kickback that Doffman said had been exaggerated.

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: Things No One Told You

WhatsApp can be considered as the biggest messaging platform in the world carrying over 2 billion monthly users. If we talk about the numbers for the alternative platforms like Telegram and Signal, telegram covers around 400 million users and Signal has around 20 million monthly active clients. The numbers show that WhatsApp is still winning from Telegram and Signal. But we can’t deny the fact the Telegram and Signal are continuously growing their platform and soon will be able to gather a good fan base. The icing on the cake is that the privacy policies of WhatsApp are helping both platforms to gain more users with time.

Features WhatsApp Signal Telegram
End-to-End Encryption Yes Yes Only for Secret Chats
Vanishing Messages Yes Yes Yes
Chat Backups Third-party (Google/ iCloud) No (stored on the device) Yes (on Telegram’s cloud)
Ads No No No (might be added later)
Group Chat Security Yes, E2E Yes, E2E No
Screen Lock Yes Yes Yes

Now, let’s understand all the platforms deeply and know all about the privacy concerns in every platform.


WhatsApp is a complete package in the name of a social messaging platform as it allows you to do any kind of social messaging and also gives you inbuilt app payment features. The group chat option in WhatsApp works with a total of 256 members. If you want you can also broadcast messages to many contacts and also supports voice call and video call that too in individual and group call. WhatsApp provides you the following benefits if you use the platform.

  • You can do a group video call. The videos call allows 8 users at the same time in the group calls.
  • You can post stories on WhatsApp that is called status. The status in WhatsApp remains for 24 hours and then it automatically vanishes.
  • You can share all kinds of files and documents using WhatsApp. The documents and files should come under 100 MB file size.
  • You can easily share photos, videos, and audio files that come under 16 MB by using the WhatsApp chat function.
  • Your live location can be shared with your contacts.
  • You can also backup and restore messages and data using the cloud services just the way Google drive and iCloud do.
  • For communication in a video call, voice call, messages, photos, and others, WhatsApp uses end to end encryption (E2E) technology.
  • Just like Signal, WhatsApp also uses the E2E protocol that is developed by open whisper systems.


Telegram is famous for its large and massive group functions. By telegram, you can create a group with up to 200000 members. Multiple group-specific features are given by telegrams like bots, polls, quizzes, and hashtags which is helpful and important for the larger group experiences. Just like WhatsApp, telegram also provides a large number of features to be used by its users. Let understand each one of them.

  • With telegram, you can make use of self-destructing messages. It means that the messages will be deleted after a point of time that your set in the settings.
  • In Telegram, you can share files that are up to 1.5 GB in size.
  • Telegram also supports voice and video call on both android and iOS devices.
  • The E2E secret chat feature is also supported by the Telegram platform.
  • The company also makes sure that it has sent 0 bytes of data till now to any third parties and to any government organization too.


The signal is the newest member in this race and it’s getting quite more popular in no time. By using signal you can use a secure chat messaging, voice, and video call with end to end encryption technology like WhatsApp. Like WhatsApp, you can easily create groups but there is one drawback that you will not be able to broadcast messages to multiple contacts at a single time. Recently the platform has also added the group calling feature to its services. To know more let’s see the below details related to Signal features.

  • Like Telegram, you can also use the self-destructing message feature in Signal too.
  • You can use notes to share your own thought without creating any group.
  • In Signal the voice calls are relayed to its server, this way the identity of the user is not shared anywhere. It’s simply like using VPNs.
  • Signal also uses the Back end user-facing encryption service.
  • The platform makes use of the open-source signal protocol to use the end-to-end encryption technology which is also used by WhatsApp.
  • The metadata is also encrypted in the Signal platform in order to give you multiple levels of privacy and security.

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram – Which is More Secure in Terms of Privacy?

Like Signal encrypts metadata that is used to do communication among endpoints, WhatsApp does not encrypt metadata. WhatsApp group chat was also seen in the google search results, and this becomes a major issue. Telegram also supports single-user communication and data are not encrypted when you do not use the secret chat option. If we talk about more security, the signal is the most secure communication platform. But if we talk about features, the signal is not that suitable for all kinds of communication. By default, the Signal encrypts all the data files by using a 4 digit password. Signal also supports the encrypted group calls. Here you can know all about the details of data collection by these three messaging platforms.

Data Collected by WhatsApp

WhatsApp was made in view of security and figured out how to work well for its clients for a long time. Notwithstanding, things changed when WhatsApp was offered to Facebook several years back. Numerous individuals have communicated developing worry over how Facebook gathers and uses data. This influences the entirety of its administrations, including WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a mainstream chat application utilized by billions of individuals around the world. WhatsApp gathers a ton of information about you, for example, your telephone number, data about your area, your client propensities, and your contacts. WhatsApp claims it just uses this data to improve the client experience. All things being equal, since the time Facebook purchased the application in 2014, clients have been worried about their protection.

WhatsApp will collect the following data from the users.

  • Device ID
  • User ID
  • Advertising Data
  • Purchase History
  • Coarse Location
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Contacts
  • Product Interaction
  • Crash Data
  • Performance Data
  • Other Diagnostic Data
  • Payment Info
  • Customer Support
  • Product Interaction
  • Other User Content

Data Collected by Telegram

Telegram has two key standards with regards to gathering and handling private information. Telegram doesn’t utilize your information to show you advertisements. It just stores the information that Telegram needs to work as a safe and highlight rich informing administration. Telegram measure your own information on the ground that such handling is important to add our authentic advantages including offering compelling and inventive Types of assistance to our clients and to distinguish, forestall or in any case address misrepresentation or security issues in regard to our arrangement of Services except if those interests are superseded by your advantage or key rights and opportunities that require assurances of individual information.

Telegram will collect all the below-given data from the users.

  • Contact Info
  • Contacts
  • User ID

Data Collected By Signal

The signal is intended to never gather or store any personal data. Signal messages and calls can’t be gotten to by us or other outsiders since they are consistently starting to finish scrambled, private, and secure. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are accessible beneath. Signal Messenger LLC uses best in class security and starts to finish encryption to give private informing, Internet calling, and different administrations to clients around the world. You consent to our Terms of Service by introducing or utilizing our applications, administrations, or site. The Signal platform will collect the following data from its users. Signal collects no data by its users. It only saves the phone number of the users.

Will New WhatsApp Privacy Policy Create Problems?

Regardless of whether you speak with a business by telephone, email, or WhatsApp, it can perceive what you’re stating and may utilize that data for its own promoting purposes, which may remember publicizing for Facebook. Plainly the arrangement update doesn’t influence the protection of your messages with companions or family in any manner.

A portion of the progressions influencing how an individual’s information is taken care of while drawing in with organizations is discretionary, as indicated by WhatsApp, with clients ready to quit. At the point when information is imparted to Facebook, clients will likewise get a notice on the application clarifying how it is being utilized, while organizations utilizing Facebook’s facilitating administrations will be plainly named.

All things being equal, those worried about security could have greater things to stress over than the new principle, or even WhatsApp itself. A large portion of the administration’s clients likewise had many other web-based media applications introduced on their telephone, for example, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and so forth, all of which followed and gathered more metadata than WhatsApp. Another long-standing weakness for WhatsApp is that it backs up clients’ message history on mists facilitated by Google or Apple, which means they are not, at this point encoded start to finish once put away on the worker.

Should You Switch To WhatsApp Alternatives?

For a messaging application that has an enormous client base and effect as WhatsApp has, it needs to stay accessible for nothing to keep being the essential messaging application on your phone. Subsequently, even after the policy update, there is no adjustment in its estimating structure and WhatsApp remains to start to finish scrambled and free. Texting application WhatsApp is changing its privacy strategy and clients need to ‘agree and accept’ on the off chance that they intend to keep utilizing the stage post-February 8. The in-application notice didn’t inspire a lot of subtleties yet tapping on the connections plainly referenced the critical changes in how WhatsApp will gather and handle clients’ data going ahead, and the organization with Facebook, its parent organization, as a component of a bigger unification drive between the applications.

More than 400 million Indian WhatsApp clients got an in-application notice, requesting them to either acknowledge the adjustments in its Terms from Service and security strategy by February 8 or their records will be erased. Both Signal and Telegram have been the recipients of WhatsApp’s inconveniences. As per Signal recently, it proceeded to break traffic records, while Telegram said that it had added 25 million clients in the earlier days. For the present, in any case, these stages are inappropriate to supplant WhatsApp altogether, for the basic explanation that they can’t yet contend with its base of in excess of 2 billion clients. On the off chance that you need an unmistakably secure messenger, actually Telegram, and particularly Signal, better fit that job today.

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