Proven Ways to Fix “Sim Not Provisioned”

Sometimes when you buy a sim and insert it to your new phone, and start using it, you get the error message that sim not provisioned’. It’s the most common issue you face when you use a new sim. When the error message occurs, it prevents you from using the sim card and the sim is just useless. But there are ways you can fix the error with your sim card and let the sim work on your phone.

What Does The Sim Not Provisioned Mean?

SIM card contains some data that helps in recognizing your phone account. The SIM empowers the telephone to distinguish you on the portable organization (because of the IMEI number), from which you can settle on decisions, and associate with the versatile Internet. It is additionally clarified in our guide why the telephone needs a SIM card. The “SIM not provisioned” blunder may be influencing clients who need enlistment to have another SIM card. In the event that it happens at some other time, it might show an issue with the SIM card, which should be supplanted.

Sim not provisioned’ error message will be seen on your device if you have bought a new phone and a new sim card, you are trying to move contacts to a new sim card, you have no network server on your phone, etc. In an ideal world, new SIM cards would work out of the case, yet for security reasons, it is regularly important to initiate another card. You may discover other SIM error texts relying on the circumstance you have. For instance, if the SIM card is secured a specific telephone when you embed it into another gadget, you may see a “SIM not valid” message. Opening the SIM further permits you to utilize this on account of any viable smartphone.

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Can I Fix Sim Not Provisioned?

Most issues identified with SIM cards can be fixed and there are simple approaches to do that. You can both fiddle around your SIM and attempt and fix it or you can utilize help from some expert tools. This article covers all the techniques to assist you with fixing the SIM not provisioned issue on your phone.

List of Proven Ways to Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error

Below you will get all the methods used by the experts to fix the sim not provisioned error message on your phone. You can try any of them or all of them to get rid of the error message.

Restart Your Phone

When you see the sim not provisioned message on your phone, you can try restarting your phone. If the issues are regarding the poor network error or network congestion, it will get solved on its own when you restart your phone. So before your try on other methods first of all you can try restarting your phone and you can see the error message is not thereafter you restart the phone.

Check If the Sim Card is Not Dirty

You have to ensure that your SIM card lacks any residue on it and that it isn’t wet. Dusty and wet SIM cards frequently cause issues being perceived and you should eliminate the residue from your SIM card and furthermore dry it on the off chance that it is wet before utilizing it.

Insert the Sim Again

If you have tried restarting your phone and the problem is still there, you should try reinserting your new sim in the phone. In such a case, if the Sim card is not inserted properly, you may face network related issues and you may the message sim not provisioned. All you need is to just take out the sim and insert it again in the sim card slot of your phone. But when you remove the sim, you must check that the sim card slot and sim card is in proper condition. In case you see that the sim card slot or sim is damaged, you will need to replace it. But if you the sim card and sim card slot in proper condition, you can insert the sim again in the sim card slot and switch on the phone. You must go and check if still the error message sim not provisioned is showing there on the screen or not.

Replace the Sim

If you have tried reinserting the sim and restarting your phone and still facing the issues, you will need to replace the sim card. The error message can be because there is some problem with the sim card. So all you need is to just go to the retailer and get the sim replaced. Try the new sim in your phone and check whether you are getting the same error message or not.

Check If the Sim Is Activated

When you buy a new sim, it simply gets activated in 24-48 hours. So if you get the error message on your phone you can wait for a few more time to get the sim activated. If you want to ensure about sim activation, you can call and contact the telecom services and confirm if they have activated your sim card or not. To know the activation process, you have to verify your identity to them.

Try the Other Sim Slot

On some phones, there is an option for two sim slots. If you face the sim not provisioned error message on your phone, you can try inserting the sim in the secondary sim slot of your phone. If there are some damages in the first sim slot, you can see the problem get resolved when you try entering the sim into the other sim slot. But if your phone doesn’t have the second option to insert the sim and your sim card slot is damaged, you have to go and repair it first.

Try Inserting the Sim Card in Other Phone

In case your phone doesn’t support the dual sim insertion, you can try inserting the sim in the other phone and check if it’s working fine. Just eject the SIM card from the gadget which is making issues and have a go at connecting it to other cell phone gadgets. Maybe, this will tell you whether the issue is with your gadget just or with the SIM card itself.

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These were some methods that you can use to fix the sim not provisioned error in your phone. But you must start with restarting your phone as in many cases this trick can solve the problem. But when you try all the tricks and are helpless, you must go and get a new sim.

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