How To Use Snapchat’s Snap Maps?

Over time, Snapchat has transformed from a photograph and video sharing stage to a staple wellspring of overall news, amusement, and pattern setting. You can peruse more about the vaporous photograph and video informing administration here. Its most recent update, Snap Maps, has caused some worry over security. The organization claims it permits a significantly more prominent network with companions and clients around the world.

What is Snap Maps?

Snap Maps delineates a road map, similar to Google or Apple Maps, and uses your telephone’s GPS sensor to show your area to any of your Snapchat companions. It was introduced as a component of the most recent round of updates and is accessible to all clients. It works by utilizing Snapchat’s in-App symbols, also called Bitmojis, to speak to where you are, continuously, anyplace on the planet. Customarily, whenever allowed, Snapchat has followed your whereabouts to furnish you with geo-area and special channels, which can be utilized on photographs and recordings.

Be that as it may, Snap Maps makes it a stride further. Just as sharing your area and seeing your companions’, you can see live occasions from around the globe, for example, shows, games, or the most recent breaking news. They have additionally made certain worldwide urban communities and towns “hotspots”, which means stories from these regions are likewise noticeable to all Snapchat clients

How Does Snap Maps Work?

Similarly, as with numerous highlights on Snapchat and as laid out in past posts, clients should activate location services for the feature to work. When initiated, you can open Snap Maps by squeezing or ‘zooming out’ of the home screen and by following the onscreen steps.

How To Use Snap Maps?

At the point when you open Snapchat once you approach the feature, you can decide to share your location to every one of your friends, a couple of friends you select or you can disappear from the map whenever by going into Ghost Mode or not opening Snapchat for a couple of hours. On the other hand, location-sharing is turned off as a matter of course and you can leave it that approach to simply sneak, watching what your friends are doing.

To access Snap maps you should follow the below steps.

Step 1: First you need to tap on the camera home screen.

Step 2: Now scroll around and see where friends are in your city or around the world.

Step 3: Then, tap on the action moji and open their story to know what they are up to.

Step 4: This way you can set your meeting plans with them by directly messaging them.

How To Enable Or Disable Location On Snap Maps?

To make changes to your location setting you can follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: You need to tap on your profile icon first.

Step 2: Now, tap on the setting icon and access your settings.

Step 3: Then, just scroll down and go through who can section and then tap on See my Location.

Step 4: You can choose between my friends, my friends except, only these friends and the ghost mode. By selecting the ghost mode you are enabling that no other that you can see your location.

Step 5: By doing so, your location will be enabled.

Can I See My Friends Location On Snap Maps?

Yes, you can see your friend’s location on Snap maps only if they have chosen to share their location with you appear on the Snap Map. You can see their location by just tapping on their name and start chatting. Tap on their picture on the friend’s tab. If they have a shared location with you, you will see a preview image below their name on their profile. Finally, just tap on it and open the Snap Map to see their location. On the off chance that this is your first time opening the Snap Map, you might be approached to design your Snap Map settings. You can pick whether you need just you, your companions, or explicit companions to see your location.

You can also search for a friend’s location by just tapping on the search option and type their name on the box and search them using Snap map.

So this was all about snap maps and how you can use it to see someone’s location. Hope the article helped you in finding answers to your doubts.

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