How to Fix Snapchat Connection Error?

If you spend your lot of time sending a snap to your friends and family member with Snapchat then this post could be good for your help. Many of us already know that Snapchat is a wonderful app that allows us to share instant messages to our contact who already available on Snapchat with the help of internet connectivity. Snapchat is very famous for its unique features like message deletes just after viewing from recipient account or chat, or we can manually control chat media and content available in the recipient device.  One more feature attracts many of the users that are the real-time filter that allows you to use many trendy filters on your Realtime photo and video and you can send them directly to your contact list.

But what happens when you are going to send some urgent snap or message to your friend and family member, and you open your Snapchat app and it shows “could not connect” error. It could happen with many of the reasons but yes it irritates you if you do not have any solution also kill your patience.  But don’t worry, we’ll cover all the possible causes and reasons to fix this connection error. You can try them all one by one and found the best suitable solution for you.

How To Fix Connection Error on Snapchat

Read below the best fixes that you can make in order to solve Snapchat connection error. Go through then and try whenever you need it.

Fix With Restarting Your Mobile Data

If you have connected your Snapchat app with your mobile data, and you are getting “could not connect, please check your connection and try again” error then it seems like you might have simple network connectivity issue, but you can try this simple fix by turning off your mobile data and restart your data to check its working or not.

Switch To Another Network

if you are using mobile data and getting network error then you can check its connectivity by just switching your data with another available network like Wi-Fi or any hotspot Wi-Fi available at your place. If you are getting this error on Wi-fi then you can switch to mobile data to check network connectivity.

Disable Your VPN

If you are using any VPN network then you also might face some connectivity issue with your network. You need to disable your VPN and try to check its working or not.

Restarting Your Router Device

If you are facing this in your home network like WiFi and facing this issue then it might be due to your router device. Many times we encounter these types of network issues due to router and ip issues, you can turn off your router for 10+ seconds and then restart and after getting network in your device and connect again to check its working or not.

Force Close the Snapchat App And Open Again

Many time we can face this issue due to Snapchat app and its background process itself, but you can force close this app by just holding on the app icon on your phone home screen and then tap on “App info” then click on force close option and after closing relaunch your app and check connectivity.

Restart Your Mobile Device

Many times we found the only solution that is to restart our mobile device, that is an old but effective method to resolved many issues, it allows mobile to re-start all the basic apps and background services from the start. It will also helpful in case another app preventing Snapchat to connect with the internet.

Disable Battery Saver

Many new and upcoming phones have battery saver mode by default to let the phone perform and enhance battery life. But this feature also prevents or restricts background data usage when it enabled. It means your app can not use the network. By disabling this feature, you can also resolve your connection error.

Re-installing Snapchat App

Last but not the least, If nothing of the above features working for your then you need to do the least effective method, you need to uninstall your app and then re-install Snapchat on your mobile device. Many times your Snapchat app may corrupt or you encountered the connection error, then you should try this method that will definitely work.

Hopefully one of the above fixes resolves your connection problem. Thanks for reading.

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