How to Fix Spotify No Internet Connection?

It has been over a long time since Spotify initially dispatched in 2008. Much has changed since and today the stage is among the most mainstream music real-time features, with an extensive lead over different alternatives like Apple Music and Tidal.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital music streaming service. It gives you moment admittance to its tremendous online library of music and podcasts, permitting you to tune in to any substance of your decision whenever. It is both lawful and simple to utilize. You will discover a huge number of melodies from an assortment of classifications and craftsmen: from dark nonmainstream rock, to top 40 flies, to film soundtracks and old-style music. It additionally has a mind-boggling calculation to suggest music dependent on your listening history, just as curated playlists and web radio broadcasts.

The basic, ad-supported form of Spotify is totally free. It offers boundless admittance to the full list of music and digital podcasts yet accompany a couple of downsides. The nosiest are incessant promotion breaks. These can truly execute your section in case you’re tuning in at a gathering. You’re likewise restricted to only a couple of melody skips, and sound quality is marginally lower at 160kbit/s.

Why Does Spotify Say No Internet Connection Available?

Spotify music player is an extraordinary method to tune in to your main tunes and find new craftsmen. In any case, nothing is more baffling than Spotify not working appropriately. The most common error is Spotify no internet connection. The reason for this error might be many. One of the main reason might be that your Spotify app is not updated to the latest version. There might be chances that the Spotify app might be down. Or sometimes the error can be a reason for slow internet connection or a wifi authentication error.

How to Fix Spotify No Internet Connection?

You may feel irritated when you see the Spotify internet connection error. You might be told that there is a connection error and you have to try again later. But you need not worry a lot as there some fixes that you can use to solve the problem on your own. Here are some solutions that you may use.

Restart the App

The very first step that you should take is to restart the application. Just exit the Spotify application and then open it again. This will sometimes solve the issue very easily.

Restart the Device

If restarting the app doesn’t work, you can try restarting your device. Just power off your device and wait for moments. Then just switch on the device and restart the app again. You will see that the internet problem in your Spotify app might get solved.

Update the App to the Later Version

The main reason for Spotify’s no internet connection is that you might not have updated your Spotify application with the new update and it might be running on the old version. So you must go to the play store or app store and update the app to the latest version. This will surely solve the issue you are facing.

Reset Network Settings

You can do this also. Just put your phone to airplane mode and then wait for a minute. After that turn off the airplane mode of your phone. Then just restart the app and see if it’s working properly or not.

Check the Internet Connection

It might be possible that your internet connection is weak. You can try reconnecting the device to WiFi. You have to go to the settings and see the WiFi option. There you will need to reconnect the network that is at present connected to your phone.

Reinstall the App

If none of the above-given fixes worked, you should uninstall the Spotify app and download it back from the app store or google store. Then just open your Spotify application and see if the problem got resolved.


These were the method that will help you solve the Spotify no internet connection issue. It is as easy as to fix Spotify error code 3 which means you are not able to use Spotify on your desktop and Spotify website. If you see that after trying all the fixes you are not getting the problem resolved, then it might be possible that Spotify is down and you have to wait for it working properly.

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