14 Best Sticker Maker Apps For Android & iOS

People these days prefer nonverbal communication over verbal communication. They convey their feelings with the help of text messages, email, etc, and use emojis and stickers to highlight their text. Using this emojis and stickers highlight your text and makes your content more meaningful. It also makes the content more attractive and presentable.

Best Sticker Maker Apps For Android & iOS

If you are also one of the people who like to add stickers to every conversation then you should read this article completely as it has some Best 14 Sticker Making Apps listed that can be downloaded by both android and ios users. Let’s begin our list:

1. Sticker For Chat

It is the latest and best sticker making app for the year 2020 as it allows you to turn an image into a sticker and also provide the feature to add text in any language. You can download this app from the Play Store or Apple Store and create any sticker and can use text, images, emoticons, etc to show your creativity. You can also share sticker images on social networking to have some fun. The app allows you to create unlimited text stickers as you can type in your style and it converts PNG image into a sticker. You can also create sticker packs for any event that may be a birthday, anniversary or you can simply create love stickers, unlimited memes, effective emojis, and much more. It also allows you to create freehand stickers because it has a pencil tool from which you can write anything in your language and it will turn out into a sticker

2. Sticker Maker for Whatsapp

This app also comes in the list of best sticker making apps but it is only available for iPhone users. It allows you to make stickers from your saved photos and you can customize it in your own way as you can add text to the newly made sticker pics, you can rotate them, and also can resize them. The sticker image can be shared with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Using stickers, GIFS, emojis while having a conversation has become a new trend. It seems like a conversation is incomplete without using all of these. So this app will help you to make a sticker for any emotion or event and depict your feelings even without saying a word.

3. Sticker Studio

This sticker making the application has a large number of filters and many more features that make unique stickers and allows you to create one for WhatsApp and Gboard and you can share them with your friends. It allows its users to create a maximum of 10 packs of stickers with each pack having 30 stickers. You can make stickers by selecting the image from your phone library or you can also click a new photo to convert it into a sticker image. It has a unique feature as it allows you to draw your sticker by outlining the sticker with your finger and you can also add text to the sticker image.

4. StickIt – 

This sticker making application enhances your creativity by making the realistic sticker and your cutout will look more similar to a real sticker as made by professionals. You can crop the background of an image and it can be converted into a sticker. The image you want to convert can be clicked with your phone camera or can be chosen from your phone library. It makes amazing stickers by adding various effects and filters to it. The newly made sticker image can be merged in any background and thus a new photo comes to your phone library. You can save it for future use. The saved sticker images can be shared over WhatsApp and other social networking chatting accounts with your family and friends.

5. Sticker Maker by Viko & Company

You can create your own sticker packs by using this application and share them over Whatsapp. You can also publish the packs made by you. All you have to do is crop your picture and import memes. The picture can be chosen from your library or you can click a new one and can be edited into a new sticker image.

6. Graphic Design

This is a good app for making stickers and also for making logo designs. It has a various number of filters and 500 graphic elements from which you can make stickers and logos of your choice. You can also design the logos and can mix and combine them to create stickers. It also allows you to make emojis and the emojis made by this app are very amazing and you can also make icons by using this app on your Android phone.

7. My Sticker Maker

You can make a customized stylish pack of stickers for yourself by using this sticker making app. It has a lot of innovative backgrounds and filters that allow you to create your own stickers full of expressions. Image of yours can be converted into a sticker, all you have to do is click your picture or select the one from the gallery and within a second it will be converted into a sticker image. It also allows you to adjust the border by using the white outline and you can also make some adjustments in the image by adjusting the zoom in zoom out feature. The sticker image can be saved on your device or on an SD card and can be shared with your friends on social media.

8. Stickify

You can show your creativity on social media networks by making personal stickers of your own by downloading this app on your device from the Google Play Store as it allows you to create your own sticker packs for WhatsApp. The stickers can be created using text, images, emoticons, etc, and sticker images can be shared on any social media platform to highlight your creativity. Thus it creates anything into a sticker what you think of.

9. Wemoji by Picmax –

The free version of the sticker making an app can be downloaded by Android users from the Google Play Store as it is one of the best stickers making applications to date. Once you open this App, you have to click on the create sticker button, and it will allow you to create a number of stickers that will suit your needs. By using this app,  you can edit your photos by adding multiple stickers and decoration stuff to them. It also allows you to edit your photo and you can also adjust the brightness contrast of your pics that will enhance your image to the next level.

10. Editor Emoji Sticker –

Once you have made stickers of your choice you can add text in your local language by using this sticker making an application. Adding text to a sticker makes the conversation more meaningful and customization is also possible. It also makes it easy for you to create handmade pencil stickers. Using this app will get you an unlimited sticker pack and that too for every occasion and festival. You will get the stickers for your special days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc and also for festivals like Diwali, Holi, etc.

11. Aviatar –

This sticker making application personifies your look by creating a personalized sticker of your selfie. Sticker image can be enhanced more by adding emojis and text to it. The stickers made by it are amazing and adds a fun element to your textual conversations. The images can be shared with your family and friends.

12. Emoji Me Face Maker – 

You can use a metamorphose in the sticker making an application which converts your face into a GIF emoji. The app is used by a number of persons who are creative in real life and are used beyond the factors of age and profession. Using this app will customize your emojis and you can also add cool effects to them. The makers are of the thinking that plain text messages are boring sometimes and in that case, if you add emojis to the same it can turn into an interesting conversation.

13. YourMoji  –

The app has a wide variety of emojis available and you can also create one of your choices by designing it. You can also create your favorite stickers and can save them for future use. This app provides you the emoji keyboard that allows you to share your favorite emojis by just one click. It is available for android users only.

14. Sticker maker by Xihan Qiao

The app offers the same user just like the other sticker making applications. You can create a sticker out of your personal picture by clicking it or by selecting the one from your phone library. The sticker image can be cropped with the help of your fingers and you can share it with your friends over any social media platform to highlight your creativity.

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