Top Nine Photo Editing Apps For iPhone

Nowadays everyone is busy clicking pictures and uploading them to social platforms. Not everyone uploads it directly. They need Photo Editing Tools which help them to look even better. With these Photo Editing Apps, they can do numerous deeds.

Different individuals have their own demand for using it. Some use it professionally, while some use it for their fun. Photographers use it to crop and touch up photos, as well as organize them into albums and slide shows.

Photo Editing Apps For iPhone (Free)

So, we are providing you some really cool editing apps that you are looking for.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is the best app for photo editing for all purposes. With this app, you can control the color and exposure of the photo very precisely.

  • Wide range of photo editing tools
  • Control over color and light exposure
  • Crop, rotate, adjust and flip the photo
  • Color brushes and stamps
  • Numerous filters
  • Photo blur and Portrait enhancement features
  • Insert frame and text to the photo
  • Free of Any Cost

Snapseed is the best app for all iPhone users.and is hardly complex. It has a very basic UI and supports multiple features.

The app also lets one remove and insert objects on to the picture which makes it attractive to the users. With the app, one can adit selfies to brighten and make the photos attractive. The skin and eyes of a person can be made sparkling and smooth through the app feature. As the app is free of cost and is packed with a lot of features, every iPhone user must try using the app experience.

2. Instagram

This app is best suitable for the users for editing photos right before uploading them on Instagram or any other platform.

  • Attractive colors and color effects can be applied.
  • Exposure and sharpening adjustments are effective.
  • Filters are fantastic to create wonderful pictures clicked through your phone.
  • Tilt-Shift effects work wonders.
  • Photos can be made scenic using Instagram before uploading
  • Price: Free

Instagram is quite a popular app among youth. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Apple Store. It is obvious that you may be using the app already on your phone but still may not know that it may come handy at times.

Instagram is popular for its uniqueness and attractive filters. A simple looking picture can easily be transformed into a professionally edited picture.

3. Adobe Lightroom CC

The app is best suitable for cutting edge color adjustments and sharpness effects.

  • The app is quite simple with a powerful set of editing tools
  • Editing in the app is one tap away
  • Color mix and curves can convert a photo into an attractive one
  • Adjustments and corrections can be done very precisely
  • Adobe Creative Cloud can sync all the edited photos across various platforms
  • Price: Free of Cost up to certain features after which the users need to pay some subscription fee for extra features

Adobe Lightroom CC is a full-feature packed app with a very simple user interface. This app is suitable for all types of users from beginner to advanced level. The app is packed with a variety of features including photo cropping, adding text, filters, color adjustments, and sharp effects.

For those who are already using Adobe Photoshop on their PC or laptop will find the app very familiar. The app can be downloaded from the app store without any cost and can enjoy the features up to a limit. You have to buy the premium version.

4. Lens Distortions

Lens distortion app has its unique features and it is suitable for those who have a love for nature and the environment. Through Lens Distortions, you can add effects like raining, fog, sunlight, night view, etc.

  • Natural sunlight and beauty can be added to the photos.
  • Rain, snow or fog can be added in the photo as clear as natural
  • Frames can be added which suit the photo
  • Filters are amazing present in a wide range
  • Opacity, degree of brightness and color can be adjusted
  • As usual, the app can be downloaded and certain features can be used free of cost but to enjoy premium features a subscription fee is to be paid.

Lens Distortions is the app loved by more than a million users all around the world. Although the app comes at a price still it values every penny spend on it.

Photo Editing Apps For iPhone (Paid)


The app is one of the best-in-class apps for iPhone users. The app is packed with a variety of features including:

  • Subtle filter set to suit the mood of the photo.
  • The filter strength could be adjusted according to your choice.
  • A total of 130 filters could be applied after payment of a subscription.
  • Built-in Camera so as to click beautiful pictures and then edit in-app.
  • Price: The app is free to use up to a certain extent of features and to enrich the experience with a lot more filters and features one needs to pay some subscription fee.

This app is unique as it has hundreds of filters along with the strength-modification feature. VSCO can be downloaded from the app store for free. One can use not more than 10 filters before it asks to pay.

2. Afterlight2

Afterlight2 can be named as the best photo editor app if you are looking for some advanced features.

  • Color, exposure and sharpening adjustments
  • Selective color, gradient, and blend mode
  • Light and dust leak overlays
  • Free filters
  • The double blending of Images
  • Text and artwork can be inserted in layers
  • Cost: 2.99 US $

This app is a complete combination of easy user interface and advanced editing features. The filters provided in the photo are quite unique and one can enjoy an unmatchable photo-editing experience.

Customized text can be added to the photo as per the user’s choice. A number of fonts can be used for inserting text and even the color of the text can be changed. Artwork can also be used in the photo. Also, the developers add enhancements from time to time with no added cost.

3. TouchRetouch

The app is most suitable for removing objects from a photo with optimum clarity.

  • Unwanted objects can be removed from the photo.
  • The app has brush and lasso tools for clear cut object selection.
  • Dust spots, wires can be removed very easily with no sign left behind.
  • Blemishes and wrinkles can be removed from face in the photo.
  • Objects can be duplicated in the photo with an object clone feature.
  • Price: 1.99 $

TouchRetouch also contains a line removal tool with the help of which poles, wires can be easily removed from your picture.

4. Mextures

The app is named quite perfectly as the app is useful for mixing textures and creating marvelous effects in photos.

  • Grit, grunge, grain, and vintage film textures can be added
  • Beautiful Gradients can be added to the photo
  • Stack and Blend effects using layers
  • Fine Tune images with editing tools
  • Filters will convert  the photo beautifully
  • Formulas can be saved, shared and imported
  • Cost: 2.99 $

One of the speciality of Mextures is its ability to save any color adjustment setting on any picture that can be utilized in the future. Also, it is useful for applying texture to your iPhone photos. Textures can be blended to give beautiful photo editing experience to the users.

5. Superimpose X

The app is useful for creating digital art and for combining images. Photos can be blended beautifully through this app.

  • Two or more photos can be combined to make a new picture
  • An image can be blended in another image to create a new blended image
  • The background of a photo can be changed precisely
  • Parts of an image can be removed with perfection
  • Artistic photos can be created through this app
  • Textures can be applied
  • Filters, curves, frames and sharp adjustments can be made
  • Futuristic and dreamy images can be created
  • Cost: 4.99 $

The app offers an exciting experience to the users by providing the facility to combine multiple images together to create a combined image. One pic can be merged with the other giving it a more professional look.

How to Find Which App Is Perfect For You

  • If you are very new to picture editing, then you must go for Snapseed. It is available at no cost and packed with various features.
  • If you love to add filters, then VSCO is a perfect match for you.
  • For advanced features and professional usage, one must opt for either Adobe Lightroom CC or Afterlight 2.
  • To add mother nature to the pic, Lens Distortion is the idle choice.
  • For Fantasy affection, Superimpose X is absolute option.

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