How To Fix Twitch Black Screen?

Twitch is a live streaming stage for gamers. Non-gamers may not see the allure of watching others play computer games, yet with 15 million clients ordinary Twitch is massively famous. The essential spotlight on Twitch is computer games. Clients can watch others messing around, connect with different watchers, or live stream their own ongoing interaction with the world.

Sometimes while using Twitch you may face some errors. You may see one common issue that is Twitch black screen on Google chrome. To fix the issue you can use some easy fixes. Below I am sharing some solutions that you can try to fix Twitch black screen on Google chrome.

How to Fix Twitch Black Screen Error?

Before you take any big troubleshooting steps you can try some easy fixes to solve the issue. Below you can find some easy solutions to troubleshoot the error. Let’s start with them one by one.

Clear Google Chrome Cache

To solve the Twitch black screen problem, you can try clearing the google cache memory. Many users find that clearing the caches can help you troubleshoot the black screen on the twitch issue. To clean the caches you can use CCleaner. It helps you clean your pc very fast and deletes all the junk files that might have slow down your device.

Clear Browsing Data

The next fix you can do it is clear the browsing data. To do so, you can open google chrome and tap on settings and then privacy. Then you have to tap on the Clear browsing data option. Then tap on Advanced and change the time range option to all time. Then you have to check content settings and media licenses. Finally, you need to tap on the clear data option.

Try Incognito Mode

If you still face the issue, you can use google chrome’s incognito mode. To open the incognito mode, you have to open google chrome’s home page and choose the New incognito window option. You will see that a new window will get open. You can see the notification as you have gone incognito. When you use the incognito mode, you can see that the problem has been resolved.

Renew IP Address

To solve Twitch black screen error on Google chrome you can try renewing the IP address of your PC. To renew the IP address, you can press the Windows key along with the R key and launch the run application. Now tap on cmp and choose the OK option. Then you will need to type ipconfig/release and then press enter. When you see a prompt message you have to type ipconfig/renew and press enter. Finally, type exit and press on entering in order to close the window.

Disable all the Extensions and Plugins

When you install some third-party extensions and plugins in your browser, it may include some firewalls, antivirus, and other ad-block services. This may sometime show you the error of twitch black screen on Goggle chrome. To solve the issue you have to disable all the extensions and plugins that you have installed in your chrome browser. To know the extensions you are using, you have to enter chrome://Extensions in the address bar and disable them. You may see that by doing this you can solve the twitch black scree error in google chrome.

There are many more fixes but if you use these fixes, you can see that the problem will resolve on its own.

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