How to Update Vizio TV?

In previous years, Vizio TV has received many updates in order to add more streaming options like HDR support and Amazon Alexa. With the recent fresh updates, you can easily get good functionality to your Vizio smart TV. You can add many local app support and various expanded features like Google Assistant and smart speaker integration.

So, in case you haven’t just updated your Vizio TV, you are missing many updates on your TV. If you keep on waiting to update the firmware, it will just leave you out of the loop. You will not get better picture quality. Good compatibility with other smart devices. So you must consider an upgrade to your Vizio TV.

If you are thinking about how to update your older Vizio smart TV, let me tell you that this is an easy process and will take just a few minutes. So all you need is just take your remote and start updating your TV.

How to Update Your Older Vizio Smart TV?

Below I showing you some steps that will help you to update your Vizio TV. You must follow the steps with a remote in hand.

Step 1: First of all, all you need is to just turn on the TV. Sometimes as you switch on the TV, you will see the prompt message to check and install the updates. If you see them, just follow the instructions to update the TV.

Step 2: If you don’t find the prompt message to update the TV, you have to find out the process of installing the important updates.

Step 3: If you don’t get the automatic update notification, there are more chances that you are connected to a network. So, all you need to do is just connect to a good WiFi network.

Step 4: To connect with your WiFi, you have to press the menu button and see the TV menu where you will see network options.

Step 5: In the network settings menu, you will see an option to choose your WiFi network or you can also connect via Ethernet.

Step 6: Then, you will get a prompt message to enter your network password.

Step 7: Now test if you have connected to your network correctly or not. You must check if there are some other connectivity issues that have to be solved.

Step 8: Now come back to the main menu to start the update process.

Step 9: Now, open the settings menu by going to the main and check for the system menu.

Step 10: In the system menu, you will see the system update and system information option.

Step 11: If you want to direct update the TV, you can choose the system update option.

Step 12: After tapping on the system update option, you will see all the available updates.

Step 13: There you will have to choose the check for updates option and then you will get a prompt message that will ask you to confirm if you want to check the updates.

Step 14: Confirm by tapping on the yes button.

Step 15: This way the updates will start installing. After the updates have been installed, you will get a message that will show you the updated versions that have been installed.

Step 16: Now restart the TV and enjoy the updated features.

This way you have successfully updated your Vizio TV.

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