How to Watch YouTube Together With Friends?

Sharing YouTube videos is fun with friends. It’s a good source of entertainment. But practically that’s not always possible as you all might not be at the same place always. But the good news is that while you living apart, you and your friends can watch and enjoy YouTube videos and movies together.

Watch YouTube Together With Friends

If you are wishing to watch YouTube with your friends even if you are living apart, it’s possible now with the help of some services. These services will help you sync the playback and thus, you along with your friends will be watching similar videos on YouTube at your own places. Let’s discuss various services here.


There is no need to register for an account to use Watch2Gether services. All you have to do is just create a room and then send the URL to your friends so they could also join you. You can search at the top bar in order to get a video and paste the same in a particular YouTube link. There is also an option to chat with your friends that are quite useful to get a view and talk with everyone.


It has an unpretentious UI and it works perfectly fine. Here also you have to create a room and then can start watching your favorite YouTube videos. You have to search for a video and paste the URL with the help of the given bar at the topmost place. As soon as any new video comes, it will automatically be added to the room’s playlist. There is also a function to control your room’s privacy and then you can also set user permission. By doing this you can easily stop everyone to join you and your friend will also not be able to skip the videos.

Sync Video

With the help of this service, you get into control of your own room. You can then invite your friends by sharing the link to the videos. You have just search a video and its URL and put it into the field and tap on the play to begin. New videos added will be then added to the playlist. You can also get an amazing feature in this service to enable pause on buffering. This feature pauses the stream for each of your friends in case any of your friend’s internet connection is causing an error in playing the video.


To use to services you and friends will need to create a free account. The service not only syncs a YouTube video for everyone in the room but also share the webcam and the microphone also. With this feature, you all will be able to watch a video together and see and hear each one of them at the same time. This feature just builds a personal connection between you and your friends while watching a YouTube video.


This service offers a unique feature compared to other services. With this service also you will be able to watch YouTube videos with your friends. You will get all the unique features like private room. You will be able to paste the YouTube URL in the room and add them to a playlist. You can also add a text chat in the room. You can also choose your seat in a virtual cinema. There is also an ability to reposition the video on the basis of your seat. You can also chat with your friends with the help of a microphone.

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These services will help you watch YouTube videos with your friends. Hope the article helped in choosing the best service for you.

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