What Does A Heart Next To A Name On Snapchat Mean?

What Does A Heart Next To A Name On Snapchat Mean?

Snapchat has changed a great deal in the previous barely few years, with incessant updates mean the application looks and works basically not at all like it initially did. Snap, the organization behind Snapchat, is so forceful with making changes to the application that it very well may be difficult to stay aware of how Snapchat truly functions, regardless of whether you’re a standard client. To make things simpler for you and novices, Pocket-build up has gathered this guide. Before it finishes, you’ll know each feature of the application. Also, when the following update shows up, make certain to return here for subtleties. check What Does A Heart Next To A Name On Snapchat Mean

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile application for Android and iOS gadgets. It’s going by fellow benefactor Evan Spiegel. One of the central ideas of the application is that any image or video or message you send – naturally is made accessible to the collector for just a brief timeframe before it gets unavailable. This impermanent, or fleeting, nature of the application was initially intended to support a more common progression of communication.

What are Snapchat Emojis?

You might have seen a heart next to a name on Snapchat and got confused about what it means. Let’s know all emojis on Snapchat, below in this article.

Red Heart

It means that you both have been best friends for more than two weeks. This is a symbol of friendship between you and your friend on Snapchat.

Pink Hearts

It resembles that you both are best friends for more than two months. It shows the dedication between you too.

Yellow Heart

It shows that you are best friends with each other and you both send most of the snaps to each other.

Gold Star

Somebody has replayed this current individual’s snaps in the previous 24 hours. They should have something fascinating to show.


It means that you have recently become friends with this person.

Face With Sunglasses

Perhaps one of your best friends is probably their best friend. This implies that you send a lot of snaps to somebody that they additionally send a ton of snaps to.

Grimacing Face

Your closest companion is their closest companion. You send the most snaps to a similar individual that they do.

Smirking Face

You are perhaps the best friends, however, they are not the best friend of yours. You don’t send them numerous snaps, yet they send you a ton of snaps.

Smiling Face

He is one of your friends who you send lots of snaps of. Not your best friend, but maybe possible to become one.


You are on a Snapstreak! You have snapped this individual consistently, and they have snapped you back. Increments with a number of sequential days.


It means 100 Day Snapstreak. The 100 emoticon shows up close to the fire when you snap to and from with somebody for 100 days straight.


It means that your Snapstreak is going to end. Rapidly send another snap to keep it alive.

Birthday Cake

It means that your friend is having a birthday today. This emoji will be seen only if the friend has a birthday party enables in his/her settings.

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These were some famous emojis along with a heart next to a name on Snapchat. Snapchat every time releases new emojis and it will become a surprise for you. I hope the article was helpful for you in knowing the Snapchat emojis.

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