What Is Shadowbanned On Tiktok And How To Remove It?

TikTok Shadowban is something that a user never realizes that it’s happening. It’s simply a temporary blocking from TikTok. In such a case TikTok blocks your content on social media sites. You never know about it as it doesn’t ban you from uploading content. Till now there is no official rule for how many days your account will be Shadowbanned. It’s a programmed procedure done by TikTok’s algorithm to ensure against spam, adult content, and copyright issues. In the event that your account is Shadowbanned, your videos won’t appear in the For You page feed or in the search results.

How You Get to Know If Your Account Is Shadowbanned?

You will never get any notification regarding your content being Shadowbanned. If you see that your videos are not getting in For You Page that means your account has been Shadowbanned by the officials. But you will get to know only if you have good followers and views previously. If you want to know whether the view is from for your page or not, you have to be a PRO feature user.

Each video on TikTok goes to For You page at any rate for some time. So if For You page isn’t on the rundown of sources for video sees, it most likely implies that your record is shadowbanned. Keep it in your mind that your followers can in any case view and see your videos despite the fact that your account would be shadowbanned.

What You Should Do If Account Is Shadowbanned?

If you are shadowbanned and want to recover the actual state of your content, you can do a number of activities that are listed below.

  • If you get to know that your account is shadowbanned, you must delete the offensive content that is creating the problem. Remove the recent video that might be the reason and refresh your account.
  • If you don’t have many followers, you can also delete the account and create a new one form scratch. But keep it in your mind that after you delete your account everything including your followers and vies will be gone. You will never go to recover them.
  • In the event that this doesn’t help, clear cache from your TikTok application, log out, delete the application, and reboot your phone. Wait for a few minutes before re-downloading the application and logging back in. this works for many.
  • Post engaging videos and avoid posting that doesn’t follow the community guidelines.
  • Go through your comment section to know what’s wrong with it. You’ll get an idea about which content is the reason for Shadowbanning.

What Makes Your Account Shadowbanned?

Any offensive content that doesn’t follow the TikTok guideline, will be the reason for your account being shadowbanned. In such a case because of breaking the rule, your account will be blocked for 14 days. In other cases, if you follow more than 60 people or like more than 150 posts, you will be blocked as these activities are considered spamming.

How to Avoid Shadowbanning In the Future?

To avoid getting shadowbanned you have to simply follow the TikTok guidelines. WE have listed here a few guidelines.

  • You should avoid posting copyrighted content on your profile. It means you cannot use other users’ videos on your account without their consent.
  • You must not post any kind of adult content at any cost. It’s strictly prohibited as there are too many minors using the app.
  • You should not post any illegal content on your account. TikTok will immediately ban the account if found anything that breaks legal permits.
  • You must use songs that are not copyrighted. TikTok never allows audios that come under copyrighted content.
  • You should about the techniques to bot followers. You are not allowed to get followers, likes, or views by using other than organic techniques.

The main thing is that if you want to grow followers and vies organically, just keep your videos real, unique and follow the TikTok community guidelines. And avoid anything that may create any kind of copyright issue. Don’t post offensive videos that hurt feelings of any community. Be real, do not use bots to gain followers. Hope the article was helpful for you to know all about Shadowbanning on TikTok. So, from the next time when you upload video, keep all the above-said points in your mind.

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