What Is Snapchat 24 Motives 24 Names Games?

What Is Snapchat 24 Motives 24 Names Games?

Snapchat is the quickest developing media social informing application that has a base of 170+ million clients. Snapchat isn’t only a camera application. It’s another sort of camera application that lets you interface with your companions. What’s more, a great many others present over the globe. It’s a camera application that permits clients to catch recordings and pictures which consequently vanishes following a couple of moments. From its root as a great method to send self-eradicating photograph messages, Snapchat has developed into one of our number one web-based media applications after some time. What’s more, it has gotten probably the most ideal approaches to share recollections, look after fellowships, and keep awake to date on the news. check below What Is Snapchat 24 Motives 24 Names Games?

What Are Snapchat Trends?

In the mid of the Covid-19 outbreak, Snapchat has come with a lot of trending challenges that you might also have played. These trends include posting dance videos on their stories, posting question challenges, and much more.

What Are 24 Motives 24 Names Challenge?

As I stated earlier that Snapchat has come with a lot of trending question challenges. 24 Motives 24 Names was also one of the most popular question challenges among teenagers. You have to post some prefixes 24 questions on your story and people on your Snapchat will send you snaps with the answers to those questions. You have to do the same in the repeat process if you find the post on somebody’s story.

How to Play 24 Motives 24 Names Game?

Playing 24 motives and 24 names is quite easy like other best Snapchat challenges to do with friends. You have to post a list of 24 names on your Snapchat story. That is nothing but answers to some prefixed questions. Each number denotes a question. It just gives you a motive about why should you put the answer to that position on the list. This is simply the 24 motives 24 names game. The main thing that is quite funny is that you will not need to explain why you are posting those answers on your story. You will explain the reason to your friends only when they will make a promise to do the same and post their related answers on their story and thus this game will carry on.

The game will work only when you see 24 names listed on someone’s story. You have to go ahead and ask the person about the 24 names and give a promise that you will also share the same answers as per your related questions. Then your friends will share the 24 questions with you. Then you will have to answer the questions with the numbers on your story. Make sure, you don’t make any implication of the questions on your story with the answers.

What the numbers stand for?

Each number of your answer imply with a question. You will see that your friends are sharing the answers to their stories with numbers only. You should make sure when you post the answers to the question, you don’t mix up the numbers otherwise everything will get confusing and it may create blunders for you. So just go with the numbers.

How You Can Create Templates for 24 Motives 24 Names Game?

So if you are finally convinced in taking part in the 24 motives 24 names game on your Snapchat, you have to create a template that you can share on your story.  You can later edit these templates and post them to your Snapchat story.

You have to start by heading over to 24 motive 24 names template. You have to make and create using your own custom template. You can easily choose your own background color. You should choose different styles for the numbers that you are using for the questions. Finally, write your answers using a beautiful style and save the template image on your phone. You should customize different fonds, heading, and sizes and give your template a unique look. You can save the template for future use also. You can them by editing them again and again.

What are 24 motives 24 Names Questions?

If you have accepted the challenge for 24 motives and 24 names by your friends, you will get a list of 24 questions that you have to answer, you will need not answer the question by writing the questions along with answers. You will need to just use the number as used with questions and write the answers. The questions will lead to answers that contain the name of a person on your friend’s list. As you list the names, you can also tag them with the template that you posting on your story.

If you see these answers to your friend’s story, you might get curious to know what are the 24 motives 24 names questions that you need to answer. So before your friends will tell you, here I have listed the questions for you. You have to answer these questions using the same numbers.

So, have a loo over the 24 motives 24 names challenge questions.

  1. The last person you talked to
  2. An online friend
  3. Crush/Boyfriend/girlfriend
  4. First crush
  5. The last person you hugged
  6. Best guy friend
  7. A male friend
  8. A person who always makes you laugh
  9. A person you never thought you would make friends with
  10. A female friend
  11. The best person you got to know this year
  12. Best girlfriend
  13. The person you trust the most
  14. The last person you said “I love you” to
  15. Someone you miss
  16. Someone you hate
  17. Best teacher
  18. Last person you kissed
  19. An important person for you
  20. The person who hurts you
  21. Best cousin
  22. An ex
  23. Last person you paid lunch for
  24. Would you date the person who sent you this?

Now, looking at the questions, are you excited to play the challenge. You should just think about the person who will make the correct answers for the question and write the names on the template that you creating for the 24 motives 24 names challenge. Keep the correct numbers with the answers. And post them to your Snapchat story.

So it was all about the 24 motives 24 name question challenge that is trending on Snapchat nowadays. However, Snapchat challenges will change with time and you may face any new challenge. Wait for them and have fun.

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